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Internal organs, for realisms sake?

Mar 25, 2009

    1. So I was watching tv and this "build a stuffed animal" commercial was on and the little girl put a little satin heart inside of hers before it got closed up. And I thought, "oh, thats a good idea. I think I might do that with my dolls.":aheartbea But then my kooky brain started wandering down this odd path, as its prone to do. I wondered if anyone ever made a real looking heart, or any other internal organs for their dolls. There are dolls like Cyborg Sabik that kind of show his insides through his damaged skin. And of course there are lots of scarred dolls that look bloody and bruised.

      So my question is, would you ever make internal organs for your dolls, or buy a doll that came with them?

      I think its one of those things that could be for realism's sake. We have dolls with nipples on their breasts, and why are they there? For realism's sake. The boys have penises (peni?). Why? Realism's sake (and the boys with the detachable penies, for REALLY realism's sake, tee hee). Sure, when you undress them, you see their bodies and they look real with these, um, adornments. And the organs you'd never see unless you took them apart. But in the same respect, no one knows your dolls have nipples and penies unless you tell them or show them (assuming most people don't carry their kids around naked). And I'm sure there'd be a way to make them easy to pull out for a restring.

      I probably wouldn't actively pursue a doll with organs, but I'd LOVE to see someone who had one. I'm a bit touchy when it comes to taking my dolls apart though. Its already too much like an autopsy for me. Organs would just make me sadder.

      So tell me what ya think!
    2. I'm quite tempted to felt brains for my dolls :P Just for the fun XD
    3. hahaha so I'm not the only one to want to make my dolls have brains I just thought it would be a cute way to cover s hooks that and to scare my family:mwahaha
    4. That seems like it would be cool, but difficult to make for something you wouldn't see often. Though if it was some sort of zombie mod where part of the torso was removed that might be interesting... At any rate, I wouldn't ever want one for myself (I think I'd get a bit creeped out), but I would love to see them if people ever made them ^.^
    5. I have a Build a Bear Workshop satin heart in one of my dolls and a cyborg Sabik, but other than that I've never felt the need to make organs.

      I am curious about the heart sensor Souldoll has for their SD sized dolls.
    6. I agree, brains would be fun. ^^ If the torso joints allowed for it, I'd love to have a heart that would just kinda fall out onto the floor at a moment's notice to be trampled on. XD
    7. If my Soulkid had a felt brain with a magnet inside it might help her headcap stay on :roll:

      Not too keen on internal organs myself, that would be going too real for me. You could order a Hye with a heartbeat for a limited time and I think having mini organs inside BJDs might be going down the same route. I like my dolls to be dolls without thinking about their intestines and respiratory system!
    8. Not for me! I would feel like I was disemboweling my poor dolls every time I had to take them apart!

      There was someone in the Artist forum who created an "anatomical" BJD (like the life-size ones you see in your local science classroom).
    9. thought about this and honestly have never gone further than to put squishy "brain" stress balls in their heads (the brain shaped ones that sit inside a blood bag they sell them in Aus at halloween)
    10. I have those squishy sticky brain-balls that fit perfectly inside an MSD's head. XD They're a great conversation starter at parties.

      Nope-- for dolls, I like their smooth pretty torsos. When I want to see guts, I have a legion of zombie & horror-hero figurines to look at. Division of labor among toys must be preserved.
    11. a bunch of people on DoA years ago put those foam stress ball brains in their dolls heads.
      I'm still trying to find one personally...

      other organs (liver? spleen? pancreas? lungs? etc) would get in the way of the stringing I think..
    12. thought about this and honestly have never gone further than to put squishy "brain" stress balls in their heads (the brain shaped ones that sit inside a blood bag they sell them in Aus at halloween)
    13. No, I'm not so interested in their internal organs, since they aren't visible (unlike some of the other things you mentioned ;) heh heh)--and after struggling with Frank last night to restring his arms, I don't want anything else in there that doesn't need to be there. The little brain thingies are pretty funny though.
    14. All of my dolls each have a small plastic heart in their chests with their names and dates of arrival.

      In case of floating heads their "heart" is in their heads.
    15. I've actually bought little brains for them, they fit perfectly but I don't know about other organs, though is does make me think of possible stories.
    16. How are detachable peni realistic? I know I may not have much experience but appendages aren't necessarily detachable IRL without the assistance of a sharp object and then aren't exactly easily reattachable. Perhaps you mean articulated.

      Aside from the joke of having a brain inside the head, I don't see why there would be a want to have internal organs unless you own a zombie.
    17. Double post, sorry ><
    18. I don't think I'd like it to be inside (restringing is difficult enough), but a mod where part of the skin was 'missing' (ie, carve into the resin ribs showing) would be pretty cool ^^

      @Elysion gear
      That's so cute n_n
    19. That's really sweet ^_^

      I think organs would get in the way of the strings, maybe? Plus they'd rattle around! I've always been sort of curious about that release of Souldoll Hye with the beating "heart". But I know I'd feel odd if I was holding her and the battery stopped suddenly.....! :o

      It's awkward enough being out in public and having your doll's wig fall off. I can only imagine the stares one would get if a liver, pancreas and large instestine slopped out, too :lol:
    20. i dont like this idea, after all they are just dolls, i think i love my collection well enough with out the thought they need insides as well as outs, to me the out would face and appearance is enough.