ReRelease International ReRelease of Fingertip Dreamland cyclops kitties

Sep 15, 2016

    1. *NOTE- I am NOT a dealer for Fingertip Dreamland/Mangodolls, but I AM in direct contact with the artist.

      So last year there was a release on Taobao for a limited time of the dolls created by Fingertip Dreamland (aka Mangodolls). These included Hemera-maru, Nox-maru, Baby-maru, and Bunny-maru.

      I found the artist on tumblr (her name is fdbjd on there) and asked her about a possible rerelease or international release of her dolls, since not many people were able to get them the last time. She got back to me and told me there was an upcoming international release. She also posted about it on her tumblr and facebook.

      From what I can tell, the dolls that will be available this time around are just the Maru kitties (hemera, nox, baby, and possibly the new face sculpt shown on her tumblr).

      From what the artist has told me, she will post the order form on her Facebook (Fingertip Dreamland) and her tumblr (fdbjd), and orders will be taken via email, and payments will be taken via PayPal.

      The planned release is September/October, and shipping by December.

      The tumblr announcement:

      -> Our tumblr conversation:

      -> Conversation continued in Facebook Messenger:
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    2. Yesterday I received a message from FDBJD that she's having trouble with her PayPal, and that the release is getting pushed back slightly, so probably October.

      She HAS made this announcement on both her tumblr and Facebook about the slight delay.

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    3. is there a price point on these lovelies somewhere? :)
    4. No current quote that I know of, but the white resin hemera-maru and nox-maru kitties went for around $80 USD last year. The black resin ones were a little more. I'm not sure which resin colors will be available for this release.
      I was part of a failed group order last year (our Taobao proxy failed to pay in time), so the prices may have been adjusted. But I would ballpark between $80-$100 USD based on last time.
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    5. Fingertip Dreamland cyclops kitties are considered off-topic by construction for Den of Angels because they lack the required joints. This thread is now locked.