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Intra-group Bitching about Limited Dolls?

Mar 30, 2008

  1. Yes, directly (comment to elaborate).

  2. Yes, implied (comment to elaborate).

  3. No, but I've always felt there is a general attitude towards those with limiteds.

  4. No, never.

  5. I don't have limiteds.

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    1. There are various threads floating around about whether a person is entitled to owning more than one limited, and hints at whether there should be an obligation to the BJD world at large to keep to only one of a limited sculpt so someone else can have a chance. However, I hear snippets of people saying they've had numerous people harrassing them BECAUSE they have a limited. How often does this happen? Is there really this prevalent dark underbelly to the BJD world?

      Obviously this is not about naming people, but I would be curious as to whether people with limiteds have encountered this sort of thing (bitching/feelings of entitlement from other non-limited owners/demands of being sold your doll/horror stories at meet-ups)? How did you handle it? There is the impression those with limiteds are the lucky ones, but is there a price to pay (other than the obvious!)?

      If this has been discussed, feel free to move.
    2. I have one Bermann (I had two at one time, but sold one to a friend) and no one has ever bothered me about him. Most of the people I know in town prefer Volks or CP dolls anyway. Doll envy is silly and pointless. I have to admit that I swoon over other people's dolls and often wish I had one as well, but I'm happy for them. When I had the two LE dolls and they were new, I took them to a doll meet. As I was leaving and after I had already packed them away in my car, someone who had just arrived asked if they could see them. I unpacked them, of course, and let them play with them. That's pretty much the most attention they have gotten. No big deal; lots of people have beautiful dolls around here.
    3. there are two limiteds i want, but probably will never have (Alain and Reisner ... or however you spell his name). but hey, you never know. i may end up with 'em one day. :]
    4. Nobody harasses me. I wouldn't tolerate anybody messing with me if they did.

      At the same time, to the extent I do have limited or rare or in-demand dolls, I prefer to keep them to myself. I can see where someone being perceived as "flaunting" their dolls could draw some ire. Not condoning that, just saying I can see where it might happen if you have multiple limiteds and you post pictures of them every day of the week.
    5. If I wanted a limited, I would get a limited. I love my dolls because they are what I wanted. I would never harass someone because they had a limited I wanted...that's ridiculous. They wanted the doll enough to get it, good for them! And maybe if it's a doll I really like I'll watch their posts or something. But I do the same thing with non limited dolls.​
    6. Really? Because I feel the exact opposite: I WANT them to post photos of their limited. Not everyone is lucky enough to get one, but I feel like if you don't take photos of it just because it's a limited, then the community not only misses out on maybe having one themselves, but also on being able to see it every now and then.

      I'm not saying that limited owners have an obligation to take photos, but I think that if they are INCLINED towards taking photos anyway, then why almost hide one doll because it's a limited, especially if you want to take photos but feel you shouldn't?

      But, this is coming from someone who keeps wishing there were more photo's of Azure around because she can't get one (yet, if ever).

      On persecution, obviously I've never experienced that (no limited) but jealousy makes people do weird things. Not that that's an excuse, but I know if definitely happens. I don't think you should let that stop you from sharing your doll, if sharing your doll is what you enjoy. Obviously, if it doesn't matter one way or the other to you, then you don't have to, but if going places and showing people your doll makes you happy, ignore the rude whispers, really. This whole hobby is basically about doing what makes you happy, so just do it.

      *supresses urge to quote Max Bialystock*
    7. Personally, I feel that if you can afford it, you can buy whatever you damn well please. :D If someone is going to sink as low as to *harrass* you for what you own, I believe it's nothing but jealously on their behalf.

      You can always find your dream doll some day, some where. It takes a little searching and a little luck. Somebody who owns two or three of them isn't blowing up your chance. Maybe making it a little more difficult to aquire but...

      Doesn't that just make the one doll that much MORE special when you finally do get them? Let other people enjoy their dolls. :) Everyone should just play nice! <3 lol
    8. I'm lucky enought to have 2 limited dolls. One I bought here from the Marketplace 2nd hand (Special K) and one I bought direct from Soom (Spinel). I don't flaunt them in the gallery but I have taken both boys to meets and not had any comments or problems at all. Though that could be cause I'm quite happy for anyone to have a cuddle.;) I figure, they're resin so they wash and so do their clothes.:lol: And doll people respect faceups!

      They were bought because I fell in love with the sculpts not because they were limiteds, and as such get played with just as much as my other dolls.

      If anyone did comment to me, I would just point out I had to save up for my dolls the same as everyone else.
      With Asher (Spinel) I lived off soup and baked potatoes for weeks just to be able to pay for him. :lol:
    9. I have a limited, but it never occurred to me that people ever would give anyone flack for having one. I mean, there are limiteds that I really want, but I was just happy to get mine.

    10. I agree with this!

      And the other thing. I think it's awesome that people are able to get what they want, you know? But people have a natural tendency to be jealous...so I can sort of understand it, even if it's rather silly.
    11. My doll is a limited. and ive never had anyone give me jack about it.

      I dont see why anyone would be pissed at someone for having a limited..
      i really cant see it...

      what would they even say? "omg they have a LIMITED, how stupid!" ?
      i just really dont understand whats to harass about..
      x..x; sorry~
    12. Just speaking for me personally, I don't mind if people do or do not post photos. But this is a really huge, huge community. There are a lot of people who really enjoy seeing pictures of dolls they dream about owning or maybe just want to look at because they realistically can't afford them or don't even want one of their own, just look at the pictures. And there are also a lot of people who get jealous and upset having to look at pictures from one person of multiple limiteds when they themselves missed out on all of those dolls.

      So if you're going to post a lot of pictures of your limiteds, you're going to have to take the good with the bad. The alternative is to make a locked Livejournal or something and then your friends and people who really love to see the pictures can sign up, while other people who just feel like it's something being rubbed in their face can avoid.

      And, on the point of community: Maybe this is because I'm very American, but I think personal property is just that, personal. If someone truly desires to share a picture of their doll, then that's fine. But people shouldn't be forced to, or made to feel obligated to do so. I'd just as soon not, myself, for a great many reasons, one being that I don't have time/equipment to take pictures properly right now, and I'm not really into slapping some lousy picture up just for the sake of posting a picture. Another being that having the whole world in on Me and My Doll to some degree interferes with my enjoyment of it. I don't want to feel like I'm performing for the world with my dolls. They are my dolls, I like to sit with them and spend time. Don't like to show off. And I don't feel I owe the community anything. I'll leave that to people who get a big kick out of showing their dolls around.
    13. Well, I don't have any limiteds of any kind so I haven't been persecuted or anything.

      But I'm kind of surprised that people would harass those who do have limiteds, even if it's due to jealousy. I mean, to the extent of harassment? o___O
    14. Wha???! I've never heard of this happening, I must be living under a rock... XD
      I wouldn't take it too seriously, maybe... just people blowing off steam a la 'sour grapes'?

      I didn't vote because there wasn't a WTF?! choice. ^_~

    15. I don't give it alot of thought, but I guess almost all of my dolls are limited, some more so than others. But I've never received any negative comments that I'm aware of. I agree with others who have already posted, my having these dolls doesn't do anyone any harm, and is really my own business.

      Juli DC :)
    16. I have not seen people who own limiteds being harassed simply because they own one or several limited dolls.

      Also, my observation with people who own limiteds varies depending on the person.

      There are owners of limiteds who just won't, don't and will never post pictures of their limited dolls. Period. That's it.

      But there are owners of limiteds who take artistic photographs of their limited dolls. It's not because they're "showing off to make people envious" they just have that gift of the talent of photography.

      Now, I enjoy looking at photos by these type of owners of limited dolls and perhaps they already know that there are people who are spiteful of them but they choose to continue posting photographs of their limited dolls anyway, good for them!

      Being an owner of a limited doll, I've gotten the classic "Oh! I hate you so much!" type of comment before. :lol: But I took it lightly since the person said it in a lighthearted way anyway. :kitty2
    17. I think more of the harassment comes from, say, a person having two of a specific limited mold. (i.e. two Breakaways or Bermanns)

      Not that I know from experience, I don't know anyone personally who has a limited, much less two, much less two of the same doll. That's just my theory.

      My personal feelings aside, everyone has every right to buy the dolls they can afford (though I have less respect for those buying with the intent of scalping), as many as they can afford while falling into the company's requests. So harassment of any kind IMO is completely unjustified... no matter how much I want that Breakaway that you have two of. ;)
    18. I've owned two limited and I never got attitude from anyone. I think if you have the money you should be able to buy what you want.

      Though I think there are some people who feel that they are better than someone else because they own a limited doll/outfit/etc, which is something completely different.
    19. I don't have a limited. I just have my standard Camine <3
      But I don't see how anybody could be mean to someone because they have one..
      Everyone has their preferences, and whether it's limited or not, it's still that person's dollie.
      I don't even know why anyone could be mad over such a thing. It's just rude and flat out odd.
    20. *shrug* No one recognizes my limited for what she is because she is modded and looks completely different from default thanks to faceup and clothing, and Dollmore Rosee Ashas (LE50) don't seem to be "hot". So it doesn't matter.

      My Yo-Tenshi, now...I don't get harassed for her. I just have to threaten people with death if they take her out of my sight ;) Her cuteness conquers all. I hear lots of "God, I'm so jealous!" "You're so luckyyyy!" "Oh, I'm gonna steal her!" but, you know...doll people, it's all good.