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Introduce new Korean Maker BJD "RHEA"

Jul 5, 2005

    1. Hi, Let me introdue new Korean BJD maker "RHEA"

      Very limited production, No Make up.

      There are 4 types of BJO in RHEA.
      [SHR o4aa-BR model]
      [​IMG][SHR 04aa-GR model][​IMG]
      [SHR 04ab-BR model]
      [​IMG][SHR 04ab-GR model][​IMG]

      Things include as follows.

      * Body -
      * 18mm eyes
      * Wig
      No make up

      [RHEA SIZE]

      Sleeve Length - 18cm
      Back Length - 11cm
      Waist ~ Knee - 20cm
      Waist ~ Sole - 35cm
      Waist ~ Ankle - 33.5cm
      Height - 56cm
      Chest measurement - 23cm
      Waist measurement - 17.5cm
      Hip measurement - 23.5cm
      Shoulder - 8cm
      Head - 22cm
      Wrist - 5.5cm
      Ankle - 8cm
      Foot - 6.5cm

      Web sales : http://www.ggo.co.kr/mall/category.asp?siteid=figure&catid=977

      Purchase inqury : sales@ifigure.co.kr

      There are some samples of BJD "RHEA".

    2. Ok I see its moved to News :) this is the section where all the new dolls go.

      thank you for telling us about your pretty dolls.
    3. Thank you so much for your kindness.

      Next time , I'll make no mistake. Sorry.
    4. Thats ok happens allot :grin:

      Can your new girl wear SD & SD13 clothing and wigs?
    5. : :grin: Yes, SD is well matched for Shoes & Clothes.SD13 sized clothed also ok.

      But MSD' upper clothes also fifs for our dolls as well.

      For Wigs, DD would be perfectly match. SD's wig also ok(With Velcro).

      Rhea has narrow waist, long Leg. So some Trousers of SD will not perfectry matach as the waist is narrow.

      Thank you ^^
    6. pretty dolls...

    7. Ohh,oh oh oh! Look at the charming smile!!! I love that head mold....
    8. o wow! look at all the pretty faces! do you think those clothes'll be for sale too. i like them^^
    9. Aren't these the girls that gardenofdolls started selling a while back? They're very pretty though!
    10. Yeah, I think they are the same girls!