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Introducing Asleep Eidolon 1/4 Coral!

Dec 15, 2009

    1. AEdoll's latest mini, Coral.




      -Height: 42cm
      -Circumference of Head: 18cm
      -Neck Circumference: 6.9cm
      -Shoulder Width: 9.5cm
      -Chest: 17.2cm
      -Waist: 14.5cm
      -Hip: 19.2cm
      -Leg Length: 21.5cm
      -Feet: 5.5cm


      Blank- $205.00
      With Make-up- $235.00

      Please visit our website for lots of additional pictures! :daisy


      Mint on Card (North America)

      Chantals Dolls Alley (Western Europe)


      MOC Layaway Policy

      AE Minis Discussion Thread

      AE Database Thread

      AE Waiting Room
    2. Hi! :)
      I just have a couple questions regarding this beautiful girl...
      1. Is it possible to see more full on or almost complete body shots sometime, just to see how she looks all together? I don't mean naked body shots, lol. Already saw those... I understand if it it's not possible, I'll just wait for owner's photos then.
      2. (This one's kinda stupid :sweat) Are her hands new? Because they seem to look different than the other 1/4 girl's hands, better actually.

      Thanks in advance for your time! ^^

      Edit: Never mind about the hands, I found them in your sales page. :XD:
    3. She's so cute! I'd love to see more pictures of her but could not find any in the links that you posted.

      Where are your own company's pictures posted? I couldn't find them on your website either. A direct link would really be appreciated.
    4. It's usually difficult for us to get additional pictures from any of the BJD companies we work with. :sweat We will try to get some more of Coral for you though and I'll post them here when/if we get them. If we don't manage to get any pics from AE I will take additional photos of her once we have her in stock. :daisy
    5. Lindsey Kay-
      When are you expecting your first shipment of Coral to arrive? Could you post some pics of the actual doll when you get her?? Thanks so much:)
    6. We expect her to ship after Chinese New Year. I'll take some pics of her once we have her in-hand.
    7. Her hands are new hands with longer nails~~:)