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Introducing Chloe head

Sep 23, 2005

    1. I'm happy to introduce a cute girl head, Chloe!!
      The dollmaster is who I know in a doll club.^^;



      It's a SD-sized head and its eye size is 20~22mm.

      You'll see more photos in her homepage.
      http://egg.ww.to (->Parts shop)
    2. OMG! She's so adorable! YAY! :D
    3. Awwwwww!So so cuuuute!!!
    4. What a cutie!
    5. I love her eyes. :daisy
    6. she is so cute, wide eyed, yet smiling, I love her sweet playful look.
    7. she is really cute! I love girls with big eyes :D
    8. She's so cute!!! :D
    9. Aww she's so cute, reminds me of Ryo. @__@
    10. The link doesn't work. T__T
      She's very cute. Love smiling heads.
    11. She's great! Such a bright expression...I hope to see more of her soon!
    12. nice looking doll you have there :D
      can any one tell me what eye did she have and where can I find it?
    13. Wow what a sweetie! I love her big eyes :D
    14. Oh my! she is super cute and looks like Nono.

      Will you be making any cute MSD dolls like this? damn I really wish she was MSD she has the face for it!!

      I really like the white sweater too and her anime look, I am a sucker for anime looking dolls.
    15. Totally looks just like Nono.
    16. With a dab of leeke sweet added?

    17. Oh! She does look just like Juniper (my nono), but only slightly different.. so sweet!
    18. She's soooo cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee.