New Feature Introducing Doll Profiles

Jan 18, 2016

    1. We’re starting the new year off with a new feature – doll profiles! (The link is under the Community tab.)

      Doll profiles are a way to share extensive information about each of your dolls. There’s room for the doll’s general information, styling preferences and character details. You can also upload a photo of the doll from your computer or phone. See the Doll Profiles FAQ for more information.

      Doll profiles will appear on a Dolls tab on your profile, and are also searchable. The doll profile search is a great way to find dolls that match specific criteria.

      Update! All members can create up to 25 doll profiles. If you need more, they're available as paid account upgrades.

      If you need help with something that isn’t covered in the FAQ, post here or in Ask the Moderators.
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    2. The doll profile feature is AMAZING. Thank you for adding it!
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    3. Really really cool and fun! This is a great tool! :dance:D
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    4. Would love to be able to make more than 5 doll profiles. I currently have 7 dolls, and have more on the way... having to pick who has a profile and who doesn't is a bit of a bummer.

      Other than that, I think this is awesome.
    5. I love reading about other people's dolls and their backstories. ^^ It always amazes me how creative the people here are.
      Thanks for adding this feature! :D
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    6. omg yay! I've been wanting a feature like this! Definitely love it!!! Also hope more spaces will be added in the future, as I have quite a lot of characters planned ;) I think this feature is awesome!
    7. OMG this option is amazing!
      thank you for adding this
    8. So cool! Thank you! choose 5 of my 16....
    9. The perfect tool for any aspiring storyteller. But the best part is definitely reading/seeing what others have written. What a great way to discover people on the forum! So many awesome characters. Thank you, DoA Staff & Beta Testers!
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    10. Just the thing I need to continue to put off the work I brought home to do. I can always count on you to help, DoA :XD:

      Off to procrastina--- uh, test the new feature.
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    11. Made one for my Leia <3 Going to wait a while to make another, though. Great idea! :)
    12. That's super cool!
    13. Nice addition; thank you!
    14. I'm glad you added this.
    15. Will we ever be able to have more pictures on the profiles? Like a small gallery?
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    16. @sailorchiron You can add images in the Doll Images section, but this is for externally hosted images only, the same as on other parts of DoA. It's not possible to upload more than one photo. It would be nice, and is technically possible, but we don't have room for it.
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    17. Oh! It says "limit 1" so I didn't know I could put more linked photos. Thanks!
    18. @sailorchiron that's under 'Uploaded Image Constraints' – it doesn't apply to the externally hosted images. Sorry if that's confusing!
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