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Introducing Domuya's New Standard Doll - Alice

Oct 27, 2008

    1. Dear All....

      End of the year is coming and Domuya is planning for many great dolls and items in store for you! From now till New Year, we have arrange for many great surprises for you and please do check on us often! :D

      And at this moment, we are introducing a new lovely girl into our Standard Line of Flexi Perennial, and she is called "Alice"! A familiar name to everyone.

      She has made her debut at Austin BJDC 3 in September and she was wearing an Alice outfit then! :fangirl: Many fell in love and adopted her!

      So today, we are introducing her to the whole world and this beautiful, exotic lady will show you how versatile she can be with all the different costumes but one face-up.



      And other than Alice in Wonderland, we also have Alice in Hotspring!

      Photography and Image Style by Sassystrawberry :fangirl:

      Please enjoy and visit her at www.domuya.net for more pictures!
    2. I like her she has a very cute face, will the costumes be up for sale with her?
    3. Keke~~~

      Thank you very much for liking her! I love her too!~~

      Actually if you look closely, she is not wearing anything! Just the head-dress.

      She is a standard doll and hence, she will come default naked. If there is any outfit that you like from our site, you can always purchase it for her! :)
    4. I bet. She`s gonna be popular. Beautiful girl
    5. Lovely! She's very sweet.