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Introducing-Kathlen, our new exclusive elf girl by Elf Doll!

Jun 7, 2007

    1. this girl looks great in person, will she come in tan?
    2. She'll only come in normal skin, sorry!
    3. I'm thrilled to see a new elf by elfdoll (and in a bigger size) but she's not their first. Weren't the first 3 little tinies (Adel, Syph, Lyn) all elves?
    4. I don't think they had pointy ears. And I don't remember seeing a Dodo-must have been before I got into BJDs.
    5. I think Dodo was limited
    6. They had pointy ears. My adel had the cutest pointy ears I had ever seen. So this one is not the first elf, just the first in the 20cm size.
    7. and dont forget the Olivia ..the sleeping sleeping elf
      but all of those are discontinued ...so this IS the only Elfdoll Elf available now
      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      Love that sleeping face-plate

      Kathy a question ...will she some with the new improved Hana body ?
      or the Original Hana body ?
    8. She will have the new, improved Hana body, just like the new tiny Doona.