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Introducing New LS Kodomo: Serenity (1/4 size)

Dec 7, 2009

    1. Hello there DoA,
      I just wanted to introduce my New Doll: Serenity
      she is a Genderless 1/4 sized BJD
      approximately 17 inches high (she's actually 17.5 inches high, but I know she will Shrink after casting, just slightly)
      with a wig size of 6-7 (the Prototypes head is exactly 7 inches...but will shrink some when casted)
      and an eye socket set to fit 16mm-18mm eyes (flat back eyes recommended)

      she is a bit of a slimmer style BJD, set to literally be an MSD version of my original Jointed Chibi body. except Serenity has a belly button...lol but she does have a bit of a "Ghetto"-ish rear...to pants might be a bit odd for her...at least from what I saw on the prototype ^^; as for a slim bjd she's a bit "hippy"

      she has Three locking joints on her torso...so she can hunch a little...she can hunch a lot...and she can do a back bend ^_^
      she can also point her toes and her fisty hands are very poseable ^_^
      her arms are Double jointed as well...I put a TON of work into this girl:













      Here is a link to my blog on my webpage, with tons of more pics of her:

      Here is a link to the LS Group Order that DiSpy here on DoA is running for my dolls: (there are special prices for Bodies and such for the Holiday Season)


    2. I started Serenity back in June of this year...but sadly got so incredibly sick, due to my Pregnancy (was Diagnosed with Preclampsea/HyperTension issues) and had to put my dolly endeavors on hold until now...where I just spent the last 3 weeks working on her.

      Here are some of the Progress photos' I took while I was down in South Fl (I've been with my In-laws while I get my health back up and running after my difficult pregnancy and they are helping me take wonderful care of my real Life Serenity ^_^ (been down in South Fl for 2 months now, away from home ^^; )

      she didn't have a bottom lip yet in this pic...but boy does she have personality ^_^ lol


      this was a pic when I first hacked up the arms, before I make her joints for the mid section of her arm...so they look kinda odd ^^; they weren't even at the time ...but I did fix that with my Epoxy Resin that I used to Sculpt her ^_^
      This was a pic when I first started to try and even out the thighs:

      This was the only pics I took where you can identify them as feet ^^; lol, I made them a bit skinny...but they should fit into most BJD shoes...she just may need the thinner shoes...I think Minifee shoes may be right...not 100% sure...as I don't have any slim footed Msd's in my regular Dolly collection anymore ^^;...but when the casts come in I'll test around and post in the appropriate space areas....


      This Pic was when she first got her bottom lip and her eyebrow ridge fixed, as it was uneven...and this was also when I had to fix the ball part of the fist hands...as they were knocked off the table onto a marble floor by one of my in-laws 6 cats ^^; but after the Epoxy resin Cured I drilled the ball joints to fit and pose like a champ! ^_^

      I hope you like Serenity as much as I do ^_^
      I will have the first few Resin Casts of Serenity in Late January

      and I can't wait till the end of this month, as I will finally be returning home and will have tons more early on Progress pics up on my website as soon as I get home ^_^ so you can see more of my journey on making Serenity on my website.
      Thanks so much for Checking out my New Doll Serenity!
      and Thanks everyone for your kind and sweet words of well wishes for me and my Brand new baby ^_^
    3. will she have a open hand option? or additional hands you can order with her? she looks very fun!
    4. Hey there TreeLore ^_^ as for open hands/optional hands...I'm working on another set of hands (they are open) to be optional for mid/end spring of next year...

      as well as Some other optional fun parts (as I'll be making MSD sized Wolf paw and ear set/Saytr Hooves/horn set and a Dragon Legs/wings/tail/hands/etc) they will all be available optional by early summer of next year ... but for her 1st few months of casting life, I'm afraid she'll just have her fisty hands to start off with...
    5. Are there plans for a gendered body?
    6. I may consider a male Gendered Lower Torso Part if there is enough interest in it...

      as for a Large Female Bust, that Brit Inquired about...I will be releasing a Large bust option about March of 2010....but it will not be a default bust...it will be an optional bust only. and only available through Preorder (with the exception of 1 - 3 that I may keep in stock for One-offs in the future)
    7. OMG she is sooooo adorable and she has my name. You have done a wonderful job on her. I saw some of the first posts wwaaayyyy back in July (at least I think that was her, pretty sure) she is amazing, but I do have 1 quick question.

      when you do the optional bust will they be more rounded or more pointy? that just seems like a weird question to be asking. I have seen several msd dolls that look like they have tents attached to their chests and I have seen some that have a more natural rounded female breast. which style are you going for? there does that make more sense? oh well I suppose you probably get what I mean.

      also will she fit into most standard MSD clothing even with her badonkidonk butt?
    8. I think that is too awesome that She shares your name, as does my newborn daughter ^_^ and thanks so very much for your wonderful compliments on her ^_^

      and yes back in July I did have some pics up on my site ...but I took them down...as I wanted to wait until I had a lot more progress and a lot more pics...as I knew I wouldn't be able to work on her while I was sick...as my doctors put me on bed rest...and you can't exactly play with epoxy resin while you're on strict bed rest ^^; ....so I took the early progress photos of her off my website...but I promise when I go back home I'll be putting them back up on the site ^_^

      as for your question: I will be doing a very Round/Natural looking Large Bust option, and I totally know what you mean by tent boobs...no tent boobs for this little one ^^; I've got the Optional bust piece back at my home...mostly finished...when I get back home I'll photograph that too and put it up on my site k ^_^

      as for LS Serenity fitting standard msd clothing...um she will fit standard dresses no problem...even some Minifee dresses...just not the large bust ones right now ^^; as for Pants...she may have problems with this...I tried on some Boy's msd pants back in July, and they wouldn't button...as her butt was a bit "large" but she will shrink a little in the casting process so I'm not too sure if that will help...I had no "girl" pants or shorts to test on her...as all my MSD sized BJD's at home where cute Dresses and such...only my SDC Ryu wears shorts and pants...and his pants and both pairs of shorts were too small around the hip area ^^;
      but I will get some Girl standard MSD pants and shorts and test them on her when the first casts arrive...I promise.
    9. Please can we have a clear photo of her standing up straight?
    10. Here are some photos of her standing up straight/laying down straight or close to straight:hope these are what you were looking for...

    11. This is a friendly reminder--the News forum is to announce new dolls, doll related items. Posting questions and information directly relating and/or clarifying the News topic are fine.

      However, the posts are straying from the original introduction of "New LS Kodomo: Serenity (1/4 size)".

      Please continue your general chat, commentary, and suggestions by starting a new thread in the
      Size Specific Doll Discussion for Tiny Size subforum.

    12. As this doll has not yet been submitted to the Moderators to determine on or off topicness, we are locking threads relating to Kodomo until we receive and submission for approval and can determine whether this doll will be on topic for Den of Angels.

      Thank you for understanding.
    13. We have been notified by Asleep Eidolon via their US distributor, Mint on Card, that this doll's head is a modified Asleep Eidolon Pear. For more information, please see the following postings on Mint on Card and Asleep Eidolon:


      In light of this information, this doll has been banned from Den of Angels and may not be bought, sold, or traded in the Marketplaces; it may not be pictured in the galleries (even with other on-topic dolls) or advertised anywhere on the forum..

      Due to this situation, LadySaiyuki has also been banned from Den of Angels. The originality of her previous dolls has not been questioned, so they are still permitted on Den of Angels. However, it is forum policy that we do not allow linking or advertising for banned members, so group orders for ANY Lady Saiyuki dolls will no longer be allowed on Den of Angels. In order to purchase her previous sculpts, you would have to go through her personal website.

      The issue is between LadySaiyuki and Asleep Eidolon; there is to be no discussion or debate of the originality of this doll on Den of Angels.

      Thank you for your understanding.