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Introducing the new member of Infiniti Doll family, 'Alex'

Aug 14, 2009

    1. UPDATED Sept. 15 : This offer has just ended. Thank you.

      To celebrate the arrival of 'Alex', we are offering introductory 15% discount on 'Alex' for one month.

      * Period: Aug 15, 2009 00:00 KST(GMT +9:00) ~ Sep 15, 2009 00:00 KST
      * Discount Item: 15% discount for SID Alex

      * Once the promotion is over, 'Alex' will be sold at regular price.


      Your attention on our site is highly appreciated in advanced.

      URL : http://www.infinitidoll.com
      mailto : infinitidoll@gmail.com
    2. Sorry to inform you that we are not currently planning to sell the body separately, However, Alex is compatible with most 65 cm dolls.
    3. SD size girl dolls are scheduled to be offered this year. For updated release date, please visit our web site.
    4. This thread is being locked while these dolls are being reviewed for inclusion on Den of Angels.

      Edit: Alex is on-topic for Den of Angels. ^_^
    5. We have not decided about Alex's Uniform. We are looking into the selling Alex's Uniform to the buyers of Alex only. The tentatively decide price of the uniform is USD 300. We do not plan to sell the uniform separately.

    6. Thanks for the much interest in Alex's Naval Uniform in the photos.
      However, we are regretful to inform you that we've decided against the offering the uniform to the public.
      To safisfy our customers, we've tried to lower the cost while maintaining the quality, but we've come to the conclusion that the final price is still too high for the public.
      Instead, for those who would make own navy uniform, we would like to provide the insignia on the hat and the pilot insignia on the uniform if requested.
    7. That's how I ordered mine. I think you have to choose faceup, if you want it, and pay extra for it. It's an extra $50. Otherwise, Alex comes nude, no faceup.
    8. That is so very cool! How do we go about requesting these? I assume it's when we order an Alex doll, but do we add it to the comments field, or send an eMail, or what?
    9. I'd contact the company via their e-mail and ask. So far, they've been good about answering my questions.
    10. Miffimifster, your avatar doll looks GORGEOUS!!! What doll is that and which company is it from?
    11. That's right, Miffimifster. Alex comes without face-up.
    12. We've decided to send the insignias with the order. No need to request separately.
    13. Thank you very much!
      The doll is a Luts Delf Lishe (CP), in NS, with new type body (neck-mech). Her wig in the pic is from Leekeworld in Royal Grey. Her eyes are from Ethereal Angels - Gumdrops, in 16mm teal. Her faceup is by me.

      Oh thank you! That's very nice of you! :):pcupcake:)
    14. In celebration of new SID line up, we offered the introductory offer for SID Alex from Aug 15 to Sept 14.
      This offer has just ended. We appreciate all your interests and orders.

      The orders will be shipped starting Sept. 17 according to the order they were received.

      We will introduce new members of UID and SID family soon. We hope you like them as well.

      Much appreciation to all of you.