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Introduction to SHIN's Pathway/Sanpomici-koubou

Aug 28, 2005

    1. :grin:

      I am very happy that I had a chance to join this forum.
      I also thank you very much for that Mis Inertia intoroduced my site and original dolls here.

      I developed my original dolls as I like to have what I want to have, after customising more than thirty of VOLKS' SD bodies.
      I also liked to have rather matured realistic faces.

      I am very happy to offer my daughters/dolls to overseas.
      I beleave you will find a new doll world with my daughters equiped with real face and with finely tuned up bodies designed and produced by an professional engineer.

      I would be very happy, if Shin's Pathway is registered as an JAPANESE BJD MAKER here.

      I am now increasing Information in English in my site for English speakers.
      I hope you will find your own doll there.

      Thank you very much!
    2. Hello Shin-san~ >w<

      Welcome to DoA!

      I hope to see some of your beautiful girls on this forum as well!

      I look forward to it!
    3. Welcome!
      I admit I had found you customization site a while ago and refer to it often.
      Great work, I look forward to seeing more
    4. Welcome to Den of Angels. ^__^ Your dolls are very beautiful. I especially love Kisui.
    5. Welcome to the forum sir!
      I'm very glad we were provided with your link.
      I've been looking at #7 Nano. She's very sweet and dainty looking.

      If you do not mind, could I ask a question?
      I wondered if it was possible to buy a head first, seperatly. I would definatly want a body though. Your body's sculpt and posability are amazing.
      Thank you!

      And have fun here!
    6. Your Dears pose so beautifully and naturally~! Goodjob, and we are very happy to have you here! (^____^)
    7. I adore #5, Youki! How much do they cost?
    8. Yeah!! They are all so lovely! It is hard to decide which one I like most!

      Please keep us up to date on your dolls and how to buy them. I am sure you will find many people here happy to have one of these lovely dolls. I know I am thinking about it!

      Thank you!
    9. Hello, I'm glad you posted here.
      I was so impressed by the graceful look of your dolls!
    10. Thank you very much for all of you who came to meet my dolls.

      I've just got PAYPAL account, which would be the best way to transfer.
      I updateded Information for Eng. speakers with detailed procedure.

      Hello. shadrad-san
      I hope my daughters/dolls would be good friends of yours!

      Hello, Lolly-san
      Thank you very much for enjoying my custom methord! I hope it was not too difficult to do ....

      Hello, romanesque_gothic-san
      Many of my friends chose Kisui-san for her boyishness, and I love it!

      Hello, dagnyevelyn-san
      Yes, NANO-san is too shy for a BJD, I think. Real Japanese girl, is not she???
      I am happy with sending you only a head. Please tell me what exactly you want by e-mail?

      Hello, mortimer-san
      I am very happy if BJD fans feel happiness with THAASA bodies!

      Thank you very much for loving YOUKI-san! Please check the updated Inf. page.

      Thank you very much for loving all of my daughters! Please check the updated Inf. page.

      Hello, inertia-san or Jeremie-san
      I am very glad to meet you here again! And, I appreciate you and your friends again for letting shy-me come here.

      8) SHIN
    11. What wonderful and beautiful dolls. ^^
      Something so very haunting about them... ^^

      Does anyone know about the resin? I wonder if they're more of BW or a natural colour.
    12. Welcome!
      I find Kisui, Youki and Luki very beautiful. Their facial structure is very sweet, and very Japanese.

      I second oriscany's question. What colour is the resin?
    13. Hello, oriscany-san,
      Thank you very much for loving my girls!
      I hope my dolls act as an human being alive in my photos!

      I am very happy that you chose three of my heads!
      Yes, they are Japanese girls whom you can meet in Japanese towns!

      I think I made a effort to make their colour close to VOLKS old colour.
      Old colour means the colour before pure-skin appears.

      8) SHIN
    14. They are very sweet. Shin-san, I don't see this option on your page, but do you sell heads only, with no makeup? How much would such a head cost?
    15. Your dolls are beautiful! I prefer more mature-looking faces myself, so I'm glad to see you're making them.

      Do the prices listed on your website include faceups? If not, how much do you charge for one? I'm sorry if you've explained all this on your site, I can't read Japanese at all!
    16. >Hi, planetariumfish-san,
      There are not head option on my site. But I am happy offering THAASA^heads. :grin:

      The price I am thinking is,
      without eyes
      without wigs
      including EMS fee to anywhere in the world
      including packing fee

      Regular wig size of Thaasa-heads is 9-inchies as those of DD or smaller SD-heads like Anais.
      Regular eye size of Thasa-heads is 14mm. 12mm and 16mm are applicable.16mm sometimes needs a little customization inside of head.

      8) SHIN
    17. Hello, flanna-san
      I am very happy with your supporting my mature looking heads!

      Base-model is without make-over, and costs 60,000yen.
      One-Off-models are maked over by me, and costs 70,000yen.
      As faceups are handmaded, same ones never appear again.

      8) SHIN
    18. Welcome, Shin-san! I have admired your work and your site for a long time! I love following the path of leaves. ^_^

      I am very happy you've joined us here and look forward to seeing all your new girls!
    19. Hello, Janne-san!
      I am very glad to hear you came to my site so often.
      I will make an effort to put more leaves onto the pages!

      8) SHIN
    20. Oh, dear. I don't have enough money for a head yet. But when I do, I'll email you, Shin-san. I'm very glad you're here at the board!
      Do you maybe have anymore pictures of Nano? If they were on your site, I probably missed them. I'm not good at navagating sites in Japanese.

      Thank you!!! :daisy