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Jun 7, 2010

    1. Do you have invaders in your collective?

      Most of us save and plan for months for our dolls, searching through pages and pages of scultps. Or sometimes we wait anxiously to catch a glimpse of a limited, our bank account poised to spring. But that's normal...

      What I want to know is: Have you ever had a doll unexpectedly invade your dollie family? I'm not talking about limiteds you were planning on, or impulse buys on the Marketplace... I'm talking about dolls that inexplicably inserted themselves into your home. Gifts, finds, and others, let's hear your story about your tiny invader!

      Here's mine, and it's what got me wondering: I recently purchased a SSDF Cane for an original character of mine, but after several months of looking at him, I decided that the sculpt didn't suit the character. So I ordered a Leekeworld head to replace it, which I got in the mail today. A week ago, I ordered the companion to this character from Crobidoll, planning on swapping out the body for a Little Monica body as the Crobi body was too tall and lanky. I planned to sell the Crobi body when it arrived. It suddenly occured to me that the discarded Cane head was a perfect match for another character of mine that I had no intention of "shelling", and that the lanky Crobi body that I didn't want but had to order to get the head was just the right build for him, too. Okay, so now I will suddenly have an extra doll that looks like my character. When Luts had sent the SSDF Cane originally, they had included as the random eyes a sort of darkish grey that I had not use for, and so tucked them out of the way. Now these same grey eyes that I'd had in storage are just the right color for the extra doll's character. Hmm... If only I had a long blonde wig... Just before Leeke sent out the new head I had ordered, they told me that the pink wig I had included in the order for another doll was out of stock, and would I like to switch? I did, but soon found that they were out of stock on ALL the pink wigs and my girl would have to go without. But you know what they had just restocked? A long blonde wig in what happened to be the perfect style for my extra doll's character.

      So now I have Merrown, the doll that invaded my doll family by manifesting all the neccissary parts from different places. Well, Merrown's character is a wizard, after all, and his character excells at getting into mischief. Seems appropriate... Guess I shouldn't be surprised....
    2. I've actually had 3 invaders xD
      After my second I decided not to buy another doll again, since I had already bought two in half a year etx.
      Then I got soomed pretty soon after, one on the way :p
      A few months later I bought a minifee shiwoo scar head, it was just too cool not to buy it and I would buy from a friend ...
      And then, I managed for the whole half year and more not to buy any doll. That period ended and a Dark was on his way :)
      Actually, all dolls I bought, exept the first were more or less bought by impuls xD never really thought about it a long time, but still I don't count the second as an invader :p I had seen him before at a fair so I knew what I would get etx :) I guess those fast decisions make me the happiest, since I already sold the event-doll that came with my first and his head is in a spare parts box because my minifee head needed a body... I plan to give her an own body, but my BF doesn't really agree, so I must save up a bit more :)
      <3 her army of invaders
    3. I've yet to experience this. I think it's so cool to have everything come together unintentionally like that.
    4. My Soony is a bit of an invader. Her character is one I had in mind but hadn't planned to get for years. I also hadn't planned on having that sculpt AT ALL! But I had a dollmeet where people kept posing my PKF with different SD-dolls, this Soony amongst others, and I got an explicable urge to get Ibna (the PKF) a mommy straight away XD! And then the Soony's order says "you know, she's up for sale"... So I went from thought to payment in less than an hour, I think that counts as an invasion! XD
    5. I bought a MNF El sleeping head to practice some mods I'm planning for another doll and intended to just have the head around to do whatever to. I ended up buying a DZ body pretty cheap though so he did turn into a full doll.

      I also got my sister a head a couple years ago and in our quest to get it a body ended up with a DOC body she doesn't like for her head, but we go back and forth about who's going to end up with the body in the end. Its like playing hot potato. We both want it, but neither of us have use for it right now (the last thing I need is *another* unplanned doll) so we keep giving it back to the other.
    6. Always, at least 1/3 of my dolls come from looking for one but seeing a picture and having a different doll say "I live with you now". Dr Gibb was like that, Justin came as a sort of grab bag surprise, was buying a doll but didn't know who exactly I'd be getting. Phooka came because there was an opportunity to get a great price for a sleep face Puki because someone else wanted the awake face. Alistair was very last minute when I felt there was nothing I wanted on the Brownie site, how could that be?, then they suddenly put up his mold.
    7. Once a doll company offered me a free head with face-up to make up for them shipping me the wrong items. They would refund me shipping costs for returning the wrong items, but instead I had them subtract the shipping cost from the cost of a body for the head. So quite unexpectedly I got an extra tiny. I would not have bought this mould on my own, but I adore her now that she is home. :sweat
    8. *laughs* My Casspian is my only invader currently...I was looking for a RS body in the Light Tan/Coffee color that was about a year old to 'upgrade' my Shikyo (Espree) to from the BBB mature female 1/4 body. Well...the only place I kept finding the body on the Marketplace was as a full doll...a Lan. At this point I did NOT like the Lan sculpt for myself. I've seen some that I like, but enough to want one. So I figure, I'll buy the Lan, and sell the head, so that Shikyo can have her proper body. Now...the more I think about that head, the more it strikes me that THAT specific Lan WANTS to be a boy, not a girl! So I figure 'OK...I'll put the head on a male body, and very likely give him to my sister or something' See, I'm still sure that that head will NOT be living with me!

      By the time the Lan gets home...I'm in LOVE with the idea of making the head into a boy...and keeping him for myself. Oh dear. So..I start putting the head on the other bodies I have at home (including some 26cm bodies, as the Lan head is only .5cm larger in circumference from the 26cm heads...and is only a little taller, too) and decide that I want to make my Lan into a 26cm doll, instead of a 40-ish cm doll like Lan is supposed to be. So now I need a BODY for him...looking for one in stock, and find the DDE has a full Bao doll in stock...but I have to buy the whole doll, can't buy just the body. So I figure again...I'll sell the head...but as I'm waiting that whole DAY AND A HALF for Bao to get home...I fall in LOVE with the Bao head...and so Casspian is born.

      You see...Casspian is a shape shifter. He has 3 forms. 1 is human. 1 is anthro where he is part fox-part human (the Bao head fits here! Just needs a few face mods first) And the last 1 is full fox.

      So...from...'I need the body, don't want the head' to a full doll with 2 heads on a different body than it came on...yup. Invader. But I adore the little guy, so it's all cool...except...I wound up selling the BODY that was the ONLY REASON that I wound up with the head! You see...not even a month after buying the Lan for her body...RS came out with a new 1/4 girl body...that is double jointed...a little larger than their original body, and is EXACTLY what I've DREAMED of for my Shikyo since I first paid for her pre-order! So...not only do I have an invader...but the very thing that caused the invader to take hold, and state that he is staying, is no longer part of my collection!
    9. yes.

      I have an Obitsu Gretal Head that I got for free during a face up panel at a con a few years ago. She has since then gotten a name a little personality. Her name is Virginia.. She's been a practice head for a while.. but I plan to get a new head (one that isnt stained now x.x) and a Body for her eventually. ^^~
    10. My NotDoll Belladonna was kind of a surprise--I did already know I liked the mold, but she'd already been discontinued, so I assumed I'd never get one. Then one popped up on Ebay, and I snapped her up, absolutely on impulse. Which totally blew all the money I was saving up for a DIM Kassia. I hadn't considered the purchase for very long, so I was worried I wouldn't like her, but I love my Suzette.
    11. I've had three invaders thusfar all of which just happen to be Dollzones. Two practice heads that decided to stay and one doll that I just never expected to own. The first was a Dollzone Shoyo head I bought to be a practice head that decided it didn't want to go anywhere else. She suddenly developed a character and demanded a place among my minis. I ended up getting her a body and she's been a permant fixture in my family of minis since.

      The second was a Dollzone Ulli. When the sculpt came out I loved him but I looked at him and said 'he'll never fit in with my current dolls' so I religated him to 'I will never buy him' status. But then for christmas/my birthday that year a friend and I did a doll gift exchange where we bought dolls for each other. And guess who I got. ^^ Now I have a Dollzone Ulli of my own and he managed to convince me he was perfect to hang out with my other kids.

      Third and final was a practice head my friend had for face-ups. She had him for years and I never really thought too much about him. Eventually she wanted me to mod his eyes so I took him home with me to start work. He ended up growing on me and I asked if she ever thought about parting with him. She sold him on the spot and so now as we speak I'm waiting on the body I bought to put him on.
    12. I have TWO invaders! Actually it's more like three ^^ I originally planned to get my next doll character, very slowly as I have quite a lot on. Then I saw how lovely the Luts event head was, and so I had to buy a few more things to round up the price... which turned out to be heads... so now I have THREE characters coming home instead of one. Invaders! ^^
    13. Yup. I got a Crobi Nao to give my Volks Maki T. a more mature body without paying the cost for an SD17 body. I was DETERMINED that the Nao head would be sold off, to the point of calling him Not-staying Nao.

      Then the little bugger grew a character and inserted himself into the same storyline as my Maki T. :| He's floating, but he's got a faceup, urethane eyes, and a nice wig. Except that I need to redo his faceup and he could use some more clothes specific to his character, he's one of my more "done" dolls.

      I now know that dolls that come into my home do not leave again :sweat.
    14. Agreed :D.

      Loads of mine are invaders. Hence why I have a silly amount. I'm very weak to them xD. I have brought heads that were intended as practice heads; now they have bodies and stories for them. I've had a couple of friends local who have kinda said "well....this doll is for sale...", and I just impulsively go "YES PLEASE".
    15. I know, they are not only invaders, they are good at laying siege *heh*.

      Ironically, my Maki T. was pretty much an invader, too - I spotted him at a secondhand place at original retail price and pounced ^^;.
    16. Yes. My second Hound was unplanned. I was happy with my first boy and a dear friend offered me their gorgeous boy because they knew I loved him. I never planned to have two but sometimes happy circumstances happen.
    17. I have several invaders, most of which seem to be all the same character =_=.
      The first one took a year to truly be an "invader". When my original Kara Klum had his head off getting his first custom faceup I went insane from separation anxiety and ordered a Thinking Kara Klum head hoping it would get home first and Alex would be a full doll again while I waited for his real head to come home. My justification for this was I would have an extra head that would a little different for my favorite doll/character that I could practice faceups and piercings on. They took forever to ship him, and the original head came home first more or less eliminating the need for the extra. I tried giving him a few faceups but none of them worked (probably because I sucked XD) and eventually I tried selling him to buy what was technically my third Kara, the WS LE version. I ended up unable to emotionally let go of the head and it went in a drawer. I finally got better (or at least good enough) at faceups and gave him one I liked but just had issues switching heads with my favorite boy...so back in the drawer. When my roommate told me I should just give up and buy him his own body I decided that was a great idea! So a year after getting my first floating head I had an "invader" with his own body.

      The second invader also started out as an accidental floating head. When I ordered a Leeke D to be L from Deathnote I got a free head. My track record with tinies and extra dolls not being good, and having no need for child dolls I decided to make him a baby version of Alex since he's my favorite character, the one I "know" the best and the only one who's followed through his whole life. I figured the extra head could share L's body and I would have two new dolls! But Leekeworld was in the middle of the resin color change and the two heads were different colors so Baby Alex had no body at all. He got a faceup and his wig and went into a drawer. fast forward more than a year later he's been upgraded to a LTF body and L, the doll I'd planned on, has been sold for months while the "invader" is now one of my favorites that I own.

      my Puki is also an invader. I had originally ordered him to get my order up to the event head, and I planned on selling him as soon as I got him. I sold the event head instead and now I have a Puki XDD

      I also kind of consider my MNF Shiwoo and CP Breakaway as Invaders, but Long post is Long....
    18. I have two invaders...
      1 was bought/head came with the body, for the body. I put the body onto a floating head that had demanded a body, but then the resin match was AWFUL, so the floating head wasn't happy. So eventually the floating head got a better matching body, and the body got reunited with it's original head (and was going to just sell the doll again), and I determined I like the body and the face would work for a character I was going to get eventually, so the doll stayed.

      The second invader, was a true invader. I was given a head as a gift, and well you can't just throw it out, or sell it, so the head got a body and became a doll.
    19. I guess I could say I have an invader - at least on the way. I'm working on creating two characters at the moment. Earlier in the year I bought a Unidoll Jace and then soon after purchased a Ipplehouse Soori to be his other half. The Soori is perfect for one character but the Jace I've had a few "hmmm" moments. But I loved the sculpt and I've actually had two characters in mind the first time I saw it. Then I discovered :roll: that it was still possible to get a Saint and started saving my pennies because that was the sculpt this character was dying to be. The nose was perfect, the sad cast to his eyes - perfect. And then the invader stepped in. (Well, maybe the 2nd invader because the Soori sort of invaded my Saint savings too) While trolling through Ebay I came across pictures of a Unidoll Berkut. Except these pictures weren't the ones on Unidoll's site, these were actually shots of the sculpt with a better wig and no head wrap. What a difference that head wrap made. I breezed right by the sculpt on the Unidoll's site because it just didn't call to me. And now he does with a very urgent, "Me! Me! Me! I'm the Van you've been looking for! Take me home!" So the rest of the Saint's savings was used to put the first layaway payment on a Berkut. Poor Saint. You'll have to wait awhile longer.
    20. XDD My house is a crafting black hole...

      My Merrown (see OP for that story) seems to have decided what outfit he wants now, too! I don't even have an outfit designed for Rehm, my Crobi boy who still hasn't shipped who's body Merrown will be stealing so I can't sell it like I'd planned. He's so pushy, that one! I can only hope that the Little Monica body I ordered to put hte Crobi head on arrives first so Rehm can have his clothes already made before Merrown lays ahold of my sewing hand.