New Company IoriDolls is the new EU dealer of Doll-Leaves! + event

Feb 24, 2021

    1. We are very happy to announce that we are the new EU-based official dealers of Doll-Leaves!

      We start strong as there is an event going on right now! See the image below:

      Laura is an adorable 20cm tall limited BJD doll, available in White Skin, Normal Skin, Wheat Skin, Tan Skin and Grey Skin (Grey Skin is only available by ordering through dealers!)

      You'll also find Lan, with the 12% event discount on our website:

      For any other doll or product from Doll-Leaves, you can contact us to order it!

      We hope you'll be as happy as we are to have another dealer bring this great company closer to home!
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    2. woah woah wait, they're doing wheat and tan!????? Is that exclusive to you guys?
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    3. Yes, they are doing wheat and tan! I don't know whether this is exclusive to us, I think it is not as they stated on the email they sent to me they are willing to try new colors and even asking what colors are popular here in Europe. But you can certainly order Tan and Wheat colored dolls through us!
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    4. Amazing to see a seller in EU :) Not a fan of the pitch black page design though

      May I ask why the prices are in USD not Euro? It would be great to be able to pay in Euro.

      Does the price include tax/customs fee and shipping from the company to you, or will there be additional costs for that?

      Thank you for your reply in advance :)
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    5. Hi!
      Thanks for your interest and questions!

      The pitch black is a design choice of mine, I just like white items over black background. It was meant to have more decorations and thus not be so pitch-black, but at the moment I have been focusing on functionality over improving the design. I'm glad to receive feedback tho!

      The price is in USD because the companies make me pay in USD, and because some of them (RingDoll for example) request as part of the contract that the prices are the same as in their website. Since the price of EUR to USD is always changing and we would have to keep in mind the PayPal fees too for converting to USD, it was just more simple to go full USD. At the beggining when I didn't have so many companies I had all listed in EUR, but then I saw the facts stated above so I decided to switch to USD.

      About extra fees and shipping: the price you on the product includes all the fees for customs, shipping from the company to me, etc. A extra shipping fee is applied that depends on your location once you go to checkout. No extra fees or hidden fees anywhere, except for RingDoll where there is a extra fee to cover for the costs of shipping from China to Spain. The only "extra" cost is the shipping cost from me to you which is applied automatically in a way that you can see it, as stated above.

      Thank you so much for your interest again, I hope we get to hear more from you!
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