IOS Elafi

Feb 22, 2018

    1. I searched the forum but couldn't find anything about this beautiful deer skull-headed guy. I've seen him yesterday on Instagram (it was @Sadomina 's maybe?), and I fell in love with his crazy grin.

      I ordered two heads, in New White and New Normal. I can't wait to paint them!!

      [​IMG]IOS Elafi
      [​IMG]IOS Elafi
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    2. @fiszi Big Congrats on your orders!!! Elafi is really amazing, you will love those heads so much!
    3. I ordered him too months ago and waiting for shipment <3 I will put him on 80cm body :D Congrats on your orders!!
    4. Wow! How come that I've never seen him?! He's gorgeous!
      What bodies did you order for them?
    5. As for mine, I already had an IOS Class70 ready (my poor BelCanto has to hand his body over to Elafi)
      I'm sure he also will work great on the class 80! I promised a friend to take some pictures on those bodies to compare, I can share later.
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    6. Thank you) can't wait to see the photos!
    7. I plan to use them on some Doll Chateau's bodies, which have smaller necks, but I doesn't really worry about the neckholes. I'll make some neckdonuts and it will be alright (I hope). :)
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    8. --Quick mod note--

      Elafi is not a typical BJD head, so this thread is being locked while the mod team discusses him for topicality. :)
    9. --Mod followup--

      I am happy to report that Elafi is on topic for DoA~
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    10. Ahh that's great! SO I can show you the promised picture of Elafi on IOS class80 body:


      The head actually fits great, it just shows the neckhole in some ankles (but the human IOS skull which was released for the class80 also has this issue!) Overall it is a very good fit! ->
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    11. Her comes my Schrat, I have him on class70 body:


      More pictures of him at my Flickr: Schrat
    12. You painted him wonderfully! Looks like a leshen or a wendigo!
      I plan to make one of my skulls albino and the other really dark or in crazy colors... I haven't decided yet :)
    13. Thank you for liking him!
      Oh, an albino version would be awesome, I can imagine this already. And in crazy colours, this sounds so unique, a creepy skull in colours, wow, could turn out very interesting, I‘d love to see this!
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    14. I am really interested in this head and will be getting one, but I am wondering, what is the tallest body I could have it on ? Color matching is really not necessary since creep factor ftw, but just wondering about proportions and neck size. I'm trying to find a real tall (80cm +) and thin body. Do any of you guys think it would be proportionate at that size ?