Event IOS event in EUROPE !! [DollSquare-UK] And Cheap Shipping!!

Mar 20, 2016

    1. Hello Our Dear Friends !!

      With great pleasure we presents to You a new company available in DollSquare - Immortality of Soul (IOS) <3 and We would like to invite to You to thier event ! It's special occasion because IoS celebrates 10th anniversary.

      You can buy all products of IOS with 40-50% discount !!
      The price of discount is visible when You add the products (dolls/accesories/parts) to the basket.

      Please remember about currency converter : You can pay in Euro, GBP, Dollars and PLN !!

      You can see how to use currency converter : [​IMG]

      And we have second event with shipping !!

      We have special event only for our shop - Shipping FLATrate to the worldwide for any items. It's doesn't matter: a doll or a few dolls. It's ONLY : 5 GBP - !! (8 USD/7 Euro/25 PLN)

      PRE Order Time :

      DollSquare Shop -> link <-

      For more questions please ask us on the FB: link, mail or call.

      Have a nice day !!
      - DollSquare.
    2. UPDATE:

      We would like to tell, that now the IOS DISCOUNT - 40% is VISIBLE on the MAIN PAGE of DollSquare.

      Sorry for all inconvenience.

      Please see the image below:


      Now You don't have to add the dolls to the basket, if you want to see discount price. Please just visit on the main page or any category form IOS.

      Please remember about currency converter : You can pay in Euro, GBP, Dollars and PLN !!

      Thank You for all questions about IOS event !! We will answer with pleasure.

      - DollSquare.
    3. Do you do layaways....?........thank you
    4. Very interested in this event! But, I would like to know what kind of shipping is included in the event. Is tracking/insurance included?
    5. I have the products in my basket but there's no IOS products anymore on the website, do you have any problem with them?
    6. I'm also interested in whether or not you do layaways(:
    7. Thank You for all replies.

      We are happy that we could answer on Your all questions.

      Layaway: We still waiting for answer from IOS in this case. So now only we have payment in advance. Any news will be posted on the FB site : DollSquare or DOA <3 !!

      The tracking option is including in event shipping price. The insurance is extra paid.

      All products on the site are visible ;) !!

      Please contact with Us if You have any questions.
    8. I do not know how to get the cheap price for shipping, does this include all European countries?
    9. Hi Dear,

      Yes, it does ;) It's was mistake of our technical support. The problem has been corrected. Please check out all again, and if You have any problem, please tell us about it.

      - DollSquare.
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    11. Maybe it's me, but I can't access your shop page ... is everything all right? None of the links work for me (the one in the signature appears to have a double "http" in the URL).
    12. Don't know if the links are working ok for you now or not, but the site is opening fine for me on Safari. Try typing dollsquare.com if the link still doesn't work :)
    13. I tried, but it still doesn't work on Firefox ... might try a different browser then. :)

      edit: Tried and failed ... could it be a regional thing? Typed or linked, all I get is an "invalid address" error message. :(
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    14. Hi,
      the site working very good ;) but as 'Forever' said please use a another web browser. We got a message that people in Bremen (Germany) have a problem with his internet provider.

      If you have problem with your internet connection, please contact with Your internet provider or send to Us full his name and webpage. We will contact with him and we will trying to resolve that problem:).