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IOS (Immortality of Soul) new body 60cm and new mold *ç*

Oct 6, 2010

    1. Yesterday, i went to see the news from IOS
      I think it is already in production, the new body 60cm and. ....
      A new mold :o after Sebastian Michaelis......now!!!!! CLAUDE FAUSTUS!!!!! (oh my god...faint *_*)

    2. Yes they are fantastic, the pics are up on the site since the end of september, but the sales won't be opened before the end of the year. IOS said she has to revamp the site before. ^^
    3. do you have a link to the site?
    4. can you tell me how much their 70cm dollls cost?
    5. According to older news posts about their previous releases, a full 70cm doll goes for $530, a head for $130 :)
    6. It came up okay for me, as usual for their site. It is a dark page, but it has artwork on it to go with the live links.

    7. Oh, Girdethsvoice, thank you for checking! Can you tell if Blood is sold out? I really, really want him, but I have a bad feeling....
    8. Sales period for Blood ended Dec. 31, I think! :(

      [i am getting him... these sales periods are so short... and during the holidays... so easy to miss!]
    9. Yeah. And the site takes over 20 mins to load. I can't even get on to ask any questions.... Typical I'd miss this doll.