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IoS Mezz, Sezz, Ginn, Garsh and Anos sale now open

Mar 3, 2012

    1. From IoS's website:


      Here's a notice of resale on March.


      * Price : each $130

      * The period of Sale :
      Mar. 15 ~ Mar. 25!

      * Skin Color : 2 types (New-normal,

      * Quantity Available : A Limited offer.

      ** No matter skin color.^^**
      SEZZ : 40 units.
      MEZZ : 30 units.
      GIN : 20 units.
      GARSH: 20 units.
      ANOS : 20 units.

      * shipping : April. 25 ~ April. 30

      I am not a dealer or IoS representative.
      Immortality of Soul Discussion thread
    2. What's the address of this site?
    3. These are now open for order ^_^
    4. It's important to say that its for heads and not for whole dolls.
      You also have to make an user to get access to more info and to buy the heads. :3
    5. The sales are for the heads; however, the bodies are available as an additional purchase.
    6. Is just the heads as far as I can tell.
    7. I was going by neither body being marked as "sold out." Honestly, I'd ask on the IoS board.