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IoS Ordering Period for new boy "Blood" is open! Christmas event still ongoing!

Dec 3, 2010

    1. UPDATE: Pictures of Blood are up and the ordering period is open!
      Link to Blood's page
      Link to information about new skin colors
      Link to order page

      Also Immortality of Soul is having a Christmas event to celebrate the release of their new 60cm boy "Blood" on December 17th. From December 3rd to December 31st, they are taking a survey via email, and the top three respondents will receive a free head (Sezz NS, Sezz WS, and Garsh NS). :D

      From the IoS site-
      Event info-
    2. Is there a announcement on the winners of event survey?
    3. Pretty sure she isn't announcing the winners until the 5th. :sweat
    4. I can't seem to get to the IOS website. Are orders for Blood still open?
    5. period ended Dec. 31. :(

      It is a strange website, but I could get on it... I did have problems signing up as a member--and it's necessary to order dolls. but I finally did. They say they will be making a new website soon, though.
    6. Winners Announced