IoS UNITOT mature minis

Apr 3, 2021

    1. Immortality of Soul has created a 40cm version of their 70cm dolls, the UNITOT line! The mature-mini version of Sezz is available now, with others to come in the future. IoS also carries clothes, wigs, and eyes that were specifically made for these dolls.

      'Normal' and white skin are currently available, and theoretically the soft brown color will be coming soon as well. There is also a limited version of Sezz with a faceup done by Nuit.

      UNITOT on IoS's own website: Unitot - Unitot
      UNITOT Sezz on Dolkus: [Limited Time & Quantity] [UNITOT] SEZZ | Dolk Station - Online bjd shop
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    2. On a more personal note: I do like a good small-headed mature mini, and I'm also very fond of IoS' head sculpts and body engineering. (Good hands and feet. GOOD.) Also, after the minor headache of trying to get items to fit a Fairyland Chicline boy, I am so glad that UNITOT has nice short wigs and decent casual clothes available right away.

      Having said that, though, I'm still waffling on this one. If I do get a UNITOT, I'll probably wait to see what the tan skin option looks like, and if that also means I get a choice of head sculpts, well, so much the better. Still, I was enthusiastic about this new boy, so I wanted there to be a thread for them!
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    3. I am in the same boat. I have a 70 cm Anima/Tauros and I just love IOS sculpting in the body and the head. I am not interested in Sezz but I could easy convince myself to order one of the Unitots in the future when more head sculpts and tan skin is made available!
    4. XD I on the other hand have been eyeing the Sezz sculpt for years, but never brought him home, cause I prefer the MSD size (still have a few SD13s, but those are special), and I just happened to be looking for a short MSD boy that could work as a younger to my Conarium Wuhan (who has a small 6-ish head) so this Sezz in Unitot size seemed like a wink of destiny XD

      So whenever he's done and home, I'll happily report my experiences XD
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