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Iplehouse 70cm EID Akando Discussion Part 3

Jul 15, 2009

    1. I ordered Akando ns the 14th of July. I'm wondering how long it will take to receive him . His name will be Timour. I made him a pair of boxer and a tank top but I'm afraid that it will be to big,if someone could be kind enough to give me the length of the crotch and the length between the shoulder to the waist or the hips it will be really helpful for me thanks
    2. What happened to those officer/military suits we were talking about a few months ago? Did that ever happen?
    3. I did make some camos...haven't had time for officer uniforms yet.
    4. my boys in the shop so I can't work on the Herratio Hornblower (Regency) uniform that I want to do....its going to have to wait until after x-mas anyway. Can you believe I'm booked through x-mas already? @_@!
    5. I do believe it....these big dudes keep my commission book FULL.
      I opened up 3 spaces yesterday and they were full within an hour.
    6. Pam, have you made any EID combat trousers? I'd love to see if you have. My dream? Urban camo combat trousers, with leg pockets and draw strings at the ankles to be worn with my incoming Luts SSDF combat boots *goes off into military-inspired daze*

      Also, now that we have identified a source of EID-sized jackboots, I wonder if Heise could make EID versions of her wonderful uniforms. I know the military cap fits, I just need a super mega huge version of the uniform now. With breeches, ideally. *goes off into another military-inspired daze*
    7. Uniforms! Tassels, brass buttons and flat braid, oh my!
      Can't wait!

      Sorry, I've had my head stuck in the back of a '71 Beetle for the last few months, jackboot from Luts that fit EID's?! *_*
    8. The Luts boots will fit? Could you post that link please.
    9. Allegedly yes. Now I can't find the post where they were shown comfortably on an EID (probably somewhere back in the last Akando thread) but the SSBS-03 For Super Senior Delf (Black) will hopefully fit an EID. I have a pair on order so I can confirm definitively when they arrive.

      ETA: Ah ha! Found it. Here is the post showing those boots on an EID http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4668626&postcount=799. It's not possible to link to the Luts site, unfortunately, but have a dig around in the SSDF shoes section and you will see them.
    10. Oh well done you! Yes, they are the ones. Pretty nice, eh?
    11. Very nice indeed! And much more of a chunky butch steeltoed sort of look than Iple's sleek laceup boots. I love the color selection too...although it makes it so hard to choose! I really don't need to listen to the suspiciously fox-shaped shoulder demon whispering "buy him all three!" :lol:

    12. I think I hear the same voice!
    13. Foxxy says "they have at least two other styles that will fit (boots)"
    14. Got it and thanks. The Dollmore boots are so "Tom of Finland" perfect. Will need a CHP Uniform and Helmet!

      *Not like that:eusa_naug Determined to get it running again by myself. (does that make me to butch?)*
    15. Mire Lapin, you don't need a self-repaired Beetle or padded briefs to tell us that you are butch. We knew it. ;)
    16. My mom has decided to get Akando for her birthday (from her to her) and she made him little boxer and a top using the measurement from iplehouse. he is going to be HUGE! I see that there seems to be a lot of seamstress/akando owner, do you happen to have more detailed measurement of him? It will never be as good as if he was really there, but I'd like to make him some jeans and maybe a t-shirt (but mainly jeans) anyway. worst that will happen is I have to kidnap him for some quality time when she receive him in a month or so :wiggle
    17. Oh.. by the way, Akando looks great in Yukata/Hakama if anyone is interested in.. XD