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Iplehouse Aaron Released! (african skin boy!) ^o^

Feb 5, 2007

    1. The are also doing an event for the release of aaron and tanned lion

      From Iplehouse:
      How are you doing?
      Thank you very much for visiting Iplehouse. ^__^
      We prepared the event in commemoration of new Aaron release.

      First : In customers who purchase Dk Aaron & Lt Aaron, we draw a lot and will give Dk Cocori (general type) 1ea.

      Second : In customers who purchase Dk Aaron & Lt Aaron, we draw 10 lots and will give (Nyeng i Nyang i) wig.

      For customers who purchase Dk Aaron, we will give Lt Aaron wig, and
      For customers who purchase Lt Aaron, we will give Dk Aaron wig.

      Third : For all customers who purchase tanned Lion, we will give the dreaming head of tanned Lion.

      This dreaming head is no make-up, so if there are customers who want to do the make-up, please purchase the make-up goods, separately.

      We prepared Aaron as the period limited.
      The period is from Feb. 5, 06:00 PM to Feb. 25, 10:00 PM. (in Korean time)

      The event goods will be offered only for customers who purchase the goods within this period.

      And the announcement of the event prize winners will be notified on Q & A board after Feb. 26, 06:00 PM, so please refer to then.

      The event goods will be shipped together with your ordered goods.

      Shipping of the goods will be made from Mar. 5, in order of orderers.

      So, we kindly ask for your lots of support & interest, here.

      Thank you very much. ^__^
    2. new Aaron (dk) pics are up now (along with the ones with the rather interesting light blond wigs)
    3. Anyone able to see the order page(s) for Light Aaron & Tan Lion??
    4. Has the Tan Lion and Dark Aaron already sold out? And where is the sale for the Light Aaron? Has Iplehouse made any new announcements?
    5. not gone on sale yet. Lt Aaron isn't up yet either
    6. Is he a limited boy, or are those ordering period dates just for the cocori give-away?
    7. Just a reminder that the chat thread about Aaron is here.

      Isn't he gorgeous??

      -- A :>
    8. Tanned Lion is limited like Tanned Soo Ri was, but the Aaron's aren't.

      Those are just the first editions where you get a specially designed outfit and makeup like all the Cocori's were done. Eventually, they will release basic sets. The wording is kind of confusing making it sound like he is limited, but I believe they are refering to the event gift wig along with the free Cocori lottery, both of which end on Feb 25.

      (I've been waiting for this day for 5 months.....and I'm broke! ^^; )
    9. I have a doubt, the resin is of this color or only it is painted? Will color go away on polish it?
    10. Like most tan dolls, it will be a lighter color underneath if sanded, but it isn't painted. This is just the nature of highly saturated resin.