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Iplehouse adds THREE new sizes to its lineup: SID; KID and BID

Apr 8, 2010

    1. Very unexpected for collectors who have been following IH news is the appearance today on IH's website of three new sizes!

      SID (65 cm)
      KID (35 cm)
      BID (25cm)

      We had heard in the past that the KID size would be 25cm tall. Iplehouse did receive requests from collectors (including me!) for the KIDS to be the more unique 35 cm size and it appears they have listened! The BID's (or Baby Iplhouse dolls) will now be 25 cm.
    2. There are also pictures of the new SID woman body compared to the EID in Iple's Gallery here
    3. any photos of the kid or bid yet?
    4. Links to KID and BID are not working for me. Are there any pictures up yet?
    5. There is a thread for the BIDs- they are actually tinies and not larger.

      Here's the link for the BIDs.
    6. Roguecrx, in the KID discussion thread, some members have posted correspondence with IH indicating that they will look more like children :)
    7. As par the response given to ValentineGirl on the subject from Iple's Q&A;

    8. Does anyone know if any of these newer styles are going to look more mature?
      I love the smaller dolls, and Iplehouse dolls are amazing, but the one doll a have (a JID girl) is far too chunky and I remember hearing rumours a while back that they were going to make a slim bodied MSD size at some point.

    9. @Midnitestar7 The letter Iplehouse sent pretty much describes it, but it looks like the answer no. KIDS are intended to be a less mature alternative to JIDs, rather than them making slim, immature body options for the JIDs.