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Iplehouse Amy, Tania and Tatiana now in realskin

May 27, 2009

    1. It looks like Iplehouse will be releasing their three JID girls in realskin for a limited time, starting June 1st. ^-^


      Not much information seems to be offered yet though. ^^;

      EDIT: Ooo, it looks like the outfits will be offered with the fullset dolls! How exciting~~
    2. Silly question but what is realskin? I love the look of them but am curious about what realskin is? :)
    3. The girls each have a new outfit as well which the website says will be offered. I hope they'll be offered separately and not just as on option with the new limited dolls. Tatiana's dress looks beautiful.
    4. Could be wrong, but from my understanding, 'realskin' is a resin which is a combination of French resin and polyurethane [standard NS] resin. ^-^
    5. Adding onto that, Realskin is also a light tan color.
    6. I like Tania, but her resin looks semitransparent?
    7. Yes, that would be the french resin in the mix ;) It's got a glow to it. I'm actually rather fond, but some people don't like it.
    8. Is there a problem with the website? I cannot complete the order for the new Tania*_*
    9. What kind of problem are you receiving when you try to order?
    10. Earlier today the problem was that you couldn't add any of IH's dolls to the cart, is there a problem beyond that? Seems like you can add them now.
    11. when I try to log on or add a doll to my cart, I get get nothing but a blank screen. I tried different website browsers with no luck. Any help is appreciated. :?
    12. Did you log in before you put the doll on your cart?
    13. I get a a blank page with only 스팸입니다 showing when I log in or click the add to cart option.
    14. Any one else having trouble with the pictures? I've tried internet explorer as well as firefox, but the links are broken?
    15. I'm having trouble too...
    16. the pics are ok for me but I'm using safari
    17. pics are fine for me too and I'm on Firefox, does anyone know If IH do Layaway? I've fallen for tania :D
    18. They do layaway with 1/3 of the total cost put upfront and you have to put 'layaway' in the comments box.
    19. I see the pics perfectly on firefox and i really have fallen deeply in love with tania too :D
      by the way, does realskin look sort of like realistic skin then( i mean with the tanish tint to it)?