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Iplehouse announces sale of EID Model body!

Nov 23, 2009

    1. Iplehouse just put this notice on their website:

      Hi, this is Iplehouse. ^^

      Here, very pleasant news for all customers who are eagerly waiting for EID Man Model type. ~
      On Nov. 25, together with Iplehouse Christmas Event, you can choose model body from the option for EID basic version.

      You can choose one of super hero or model boy type at the option for Akando, Luo, Evan and Chase.
      But, we don't sell EID body separately, and please kindly understand this.

      We kindly ask for your lots of supports & loves, here.

      Thank you so much, and have a pleasant shopping time. ^^

      Looks like we'll be able to get all the EID guys with the Model body now:)
    2. Would that mean that this option is only available during the Christmas Event, or will it become standard?
    3. Hmm how about after that event O,O will it be the same as before or have the EID model Option?
    4. I think what they mean is even after the event you can still choose one or the other, but they just don't sell the body seperately
    5. It sounds to me more like that they will start selling the model body when the Christmas event begins, not that it's only available during the event.
    6. This is a friendly reminder--the News forum is to announce new dolls, doll related items. Posting questions and information directly relating and/or clarifying the News topic are fine.

      However, the posts are straying from the original announcing the "sale of EID Man Model type body".

      Please discuss ordering in the Buying/Shipping Qs and Advice forum and
      web access/navigation problems, speculation, wish lists, etc. by starting a thread in the Size Specific Doll Discussion for Larger Dolls subforum.