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Iplehouse August events, new dolls & basic re-release (incl. Aaron!)

Aug 11, 2007

    1. I'm just going to quote what they said, on this.

      ¡Ú Notice for Iplehouse New Dolls release event ¡Ú

      Period : Aug. 15 ~ Sep. 15

      ¢¼ Event 1 :
      During the period of event, for all customers who purchase Iplehouse doll, we give the outfit of basic version.
      All fullset / basic version correspond to this.
      (Boy : white shirt + washing denim pants, Girl : white shirt + washing denim skirt)
      These are offered for only customers who purchase & make full payment completely during the period of event.
      Parts do not correspond to this.

      Exception - Customers who purchase dolls of other company do not correspond to this.

      ¢¼ Event 2 :
      We give the wig as a gift for all customers who purchase items over $170.
      But the color / design / size of wig are offered at random, and exchange or refund is not possible.

      The wig is offered to one customer, one time only, during this period of event.

      Exception - Customers who purchase Iplehouse dolls do not correspond to this.

      ¡Ú Notice for New Dolls release schedule ¡Ú

      Aug. 15 - Harin / Freezia fullset version release

      Aug. 22 - Ryushin / Barron fullset version release

      Aug. 29 - Aaron & all Iplehouse dolls' basic version release

      - Iplehouse dolls which now we are selling will be released with new make-up style.

      After the finish of event, in case of basic version dolls, basic outfit will be offered with lower cost, as an option.

      Basic version outfit will not be sold separately, and can be sold for only customers who purchase basic doll.

      **** If there are customers who want the existing make-up style, please place an order with basic doll in advance, before the 29th.

      **** After the 29th, basic version dolls will be offered with new make-up style.

      We are greatly thankful for all customers who always support Iplehouse, and kindly ask for lots of your interest & love. ^__^

      So looks like a new girl, boy, and a general re-release of everybody. I can't be the only one excited over their bringing back hot-ass Aaron, can I? X3
    2. Harin has just been posted! She is absolutly beautiful:D ! She looks expensive though:sweat . I hope she will be a basic doll too.

    3. Are they going to make all the Versions of Cocori basic? Does anybody know?
    4. Aangita: I asked on Iplehouse Q&A Board about Basic NS Cocori and unfortunately they told me they're not going to release her on 29th August. :(
      I don't know if she'll be released later on though...
    5. Iplehouse just posted the prices ($770). Also, I asked, and Harin (and I assume the other three dolls) will be released as basic doll on the 29th. ^_^
    6. So I asked IP too about Dark Cocori and here is what they said:

      Yes, DK Cocori is also included. But, the quantity is limited.
      The time to manufacture is needed a lot, so we will sell some quantity only and then make this sold-out for a while. And we will sell again and this way will be kept.


      So…. I assume Aaron will be the same. Yay for us!!!
    7. Yeah I just saw the prices last night. :)

      I'm glad you asked and I'm happy to know that these new dolls will be released as a general type. Now I can't wait to see their new boys. *__________*

      PS - IH is selling the dolls now. :D (~9AM PST time)
    8. Whoa, a new chance to buy Aaron?!!! Great! Are these dolls going to be limited?
    9. Dreaming Silvia and Lion just got a new faceup. *_______*

      I didnt want Lion, but that faceup totally won me over. XD; I'm really an IH's addict. ^^;