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Iplehouse B.I.D. Baby discussion part 9

Jul 7, 2016

    1. Just throwing this out there for what it's worth. I sometimes go with an unexpected hair color instead of black for darker dolls. This is Erzulie (old RS) as a blonde:

      ------------ Added notes -----------

      Iplehouse B.I.D. clothing database:
      Iplehouse Baby BID Clothing Database (What fits)

      Iplehouse B.I.D. Wiki: Baby Iplehouse Doll
      DoA databases: Iplehouse

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      #1 vermont chick, Jul 7, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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    2. She's very cute @vermont chick! I can try shades of blonde. My Erzulie has the new darker light brown tone so I didn't think about using a lighter hair color. It could still work!
    3. It definitely could work! My dark suntan Dollmore Judith girl totally rocks pale colors: blonde, pink, gray, blue, etc. so I know a darker Erzulie can, too. (The Erzulie in my photo now lives with @El BJD.:))
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    4. @vermont chick Your Erzulie looks a bit like my sister did at that age. A little different features, but same color hair, eyes, and skin. She's a cutie! Made me do a double take, lol.
    5. I had my Erzulie as a strawberry blond for a while-but she's back to her dark brown wig now. She looks great either way.

      [​IMG]Erzulie close by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    6. I just ordered a bunch wigs and shoes on Alice's Collections, and totally forgot that those prices are American dollars and not Canadian ones... Yikes! This has happened to me more often than I can count. Meanwhile, there will be the cutest little shoes and several different wigs for my Bono when she gets here! I really have to start thinking about a name, because "Bono" just does not work for me. Wrong association (U2 anyone?!).
    7. Ororo started out with white hair, but I found that having a lighter wig on her made her resin look even darker, which was a challenge to photograph unless in ideal, controlled lighting. The same happened with black wigs, but they washed her out. When I changed her to a medium brown wig, I got a much richer tone that was closer to her actual color and made taking casual photos of her much easier.
      Ororo storm costume
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    8. I can definitely relate. Bono is a terrible name, and I'd have changed mine to Bonnie, had there not been another BID with that name - which I already own. So, having her arrive just before Christmas, 'Holly' seemed like the perfect name.
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    9. Oh, Holly is adorable, and it suits the sculpt so well!
    10. My light brown Erzulie rocks a light blonde wig but she can not do white
    11. Yay, new thread!

      Soleil got some new toys- I found these at a local toy store and they're perfect for her!

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    12. Oh they are so cute! :aheartbea I wish I could find some like that here in Oz. Do you recall who made the toys?
    13. They were called "World's Smallest [toy name]"- I was able to find some on EBay by searching!
    14. Love her tiny toys!
    15. Thanks for the info, I Googled "World's Smallest toys" and found some in Oz!!! :hug:
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    16. Adorable! That toy phone is to die for :love
    17. Just got my first BID - Nami - SOOOOO cute!!! I'll post pics soon!
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    18. My Bono (Emma) is ready for bed as long as she has her lamby...:XD:

      [​IMG]Emma by luluna33, on Flickr
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    19. Your Bono is adorable!

      Mine just came back from a trip to the Maritimes with her family. Here they all are in a family portrait on Canada Day (July 1st) at Cape Bonavista in Newfoundland...
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    20. @Xanadu Dolls do you mind me asking where in Oz did you find them? I did a bit of searching on EBay last night, but wondered if there were other suppliers?
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