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Iplehouse Basic YID dolls Discussion Part III

Mar 22, 2013

    1. Part II thread ended when I was asking about the nYID hands I had ordered for my Louis. I thought that I may have made a boo boo and am concerned they might not fit properly. I don't have the hands as of yet. But will keep you posted on how that goes. The order has been paid for Feb 28th, so hopefully it won't be that much longer. Wish me luck!!

      Thank you Rosslyn, who said....
      "I think I can recall somebody saying that the new hands fit the old bodies. Iplehouse resin mellows, so the new hands will be a bit pinker but only for a while until they settle into their more peachy tone. You could speed that up by leaving them on a windowsill or something."

      And thank you Jenny who said.......
      "My friend has an nYID Justin whose hands & feet we inspected while speculating on things that'd fit him.... his hands looked almost the same size as the old YID hands to us (but more gracefully sculpted <3). His wrists are slightly thicker, though, so on an old YID the hands may just have a bit of extra mobility.

      I love your blushy Louis, morelle - I'll be eager to see how his new hands look on him!"
    2. Ah. I have 2 of the old YID, an Iris and a Soo Ri, and I have an nYID girl Emilia, but not a nYID boy yet :/ Booo.

      Thanks for starting the new thread though, and if anyone wants to know, part 1 is here... Iplehouse Basic YID Discussions Part I and part 2 is here Iplehouse Basic YID dolls Discussion Part II

      I got Claire (YID Iris) a new wig the other day, but I am trying to figure out how to style it, so I can make her look pretty before I post her here :D lol
      I've never had to deal with such a super curly wig before. I got her the Monique Gold Mallory in double red. It looks GORGEOUS. If I don't touch it a lot :D lol
    3. I have a gentle soori head that I'm using as face-up practice. He is such a beautiful sculpt. I think he's so underrated!
    4. morelle, I hope they fit! The new hands are soooooo lovely!

      I gave my Mars yet another new faceup, but I have yet to take any pictures of him. Dx I've been working on getting a new face for my Ryushin, too, since his company face was starting to come off around his jawline, and I've done it three times now and hated it every time. 3:< So. Now he is in the hands of my gf, who will make him gorgeous, and I will not throw him into the driveway in a rage. :D

      , pictures!! :D
    5. Giodrakes Thanks for adding the extra link to the Part I thread. Would love to see a pic of your Iris with her new Monique wig.

      Ephemeral_Dream I know the feeling, I have Louis and think he is underrated as well. I just got him back not to long ago from having a face up. And I adore him!!

      cads I hope the new hands fit him OK. Will share when they come. I had ordered them with my KID Ebony Joy. Paid off last month. I hope I don't have to wait to long.

      Anyway, Louis has been telling me he wants long hair. So being the good guardian I got him a very nice fur wig from etsy. The wig is really nice, and matches his brows exactly. But.......I'm not totally sold. I don't want to hurt his feelings but, do you think he looks to feminine? I may have to trim it a bit while he's sleeping.

    6. Too feminine is subjective. Most BJDs that are intended to be male are "too feminine" for my personal tastes. The real issue is, do you like him this way? If so, then he's fine.
    7. ^ I think he looks very dashing with long hair. :chocoheart Louis is just never going to be a very butch sculpt, no matter how you slice him, so let yourself go wild when it comes to hair choices.

      I would like to see pictures of him, too! Gentle Soo Ri is such a lovely boy. <3
      Here is Samir... he's another one I don't require too much butchness of, not with that amount of lipgloss. I just enjoy his toffee languidness.

    8. Aww, that Louis face :chibi
      I like the short blond hair & light coloring on the Gentle Soo Ri!
    9. Thank you! I'm trying to strive for neutral face-up. I've noticed a lot of people love the whole "tough teen" look. I thought Gentle Soori had it, but I haven't seen enough custom faced-up GSooris. He's pretty illusive. As for Louis, I'm gonna have to be a loser here and admit, I absolutely fell in love with his original presentation back then, so I kept it. I just try to dress him up in the best clothing, to make up for the lack of originality. There are some awesome unique Louis out there like Morelle's. :love
    10. Rosslyn I did it. I cut it. (and like it better) It's still a wee bit on the long side for a boy. But not nearly as long as it was. Will take updated pics next week.

      JennyNemesisThat's the truth. Louis will never be that "butch" type. In fact Louis is the submissive/easy going/playful partner in the relationship he has with my Volks FCS whom I call Wyatt. (sorry girls)

      And your Soo Ri very appealing!

      Perhaps I shall get another YID boy........someday. I do have fun with Louis. I only have two SD's. I don't know what it is, perhaps I'm dysfunctional but I love the SD boys, don't care to have girls.
    11. Ephemeral_Dream
      Wow!! Both sculpts are wonderful. But I'm partial to Louis!! Who is the boy on the top? He certainly does look male for sure.

      And thank you for your kind comment on my Louis.
    12. You're welcome. :)

      The pics on top are of Gentle Soori.
    13. A new thread! And it's already full of multiple Louises and Sooris! :aheartbea

      Can't wait to see it - I love before and after wig shots! :D And I love how the wig works with the colours in that outfit - I have that same set, it's a totally different look on him than it is on (for example) my Aaron:

    14. Hervoyel WOW! Totally different indeed. I have a funny story about this outfit. When I finally got it (after waiting such a very long time) and took those pants out of the package I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!! The pants were like 5 inches to long! WTH! I even contacted MOC and tell them I needed to return the item. It wasn't until I went back on the site to look at the outfit when I realized that the pants were to be folded up, several times. Sometimes, I'm not the brightest star. LOL!

      Anyway, I love the slightly loose waist on my Louis. I have given him that "happy trail" and it shows up between the vest/shirt and the waist of the pants.
      I love the HZ outfits so much that my Volks FCS boy wears one too. I have three HZ boy outfits altogether and want more.
    15. Here are before and after photos of my Louis. The after pic may be blurred after cropping it. Hardly looks like the same sculpt.

    16. Wow, that really is an impressive difference - it could be a totally different head! :)
    17. Does anyone have Andrew or Noel? Love to see pics. I love my Louis so much I may get Andrew or Noel. Their sculpts are wonderful.
    18. ^ Aren't Andrew & Noel nYIDs? You'd probably be able to find pics of them in the nYID thread.