Iplehouse Bichun eyes

Jan 10, 2018

    1. Hey Guys! I had a query. I recently became the proud mama of a Iplehouse FID Bichun. And I had bought some eyes for him in advance, because I didn't know what color they would send with him. But instead of round eyes like I have seen with almost every other BJD I've seen, his eyes are actually more oval with slightly pointed ends. The other eyes don't work because they don't cover the opening of his eye completely.

      If I want to get another pair of eyes, should I get a larger size. And if so what places offer a smaller iris size? FIDs have tiny eyes that a 6mm. Are there any other FID owners who have the same eyes issues and have used others sizes? I am open to suggestions. Thanks
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    2. The Glib/Glip glass eyes are oval shaped, and work fine in other FID, and they come in 6mm. A few places stock them, including Dollmore: Dollmore.net :: Everything for Doll & more

      Not a huge colour range, but they look pretty nice!
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    3. Thank you also for this information! My FID Bichun needed smaller irises so now I've grabbed a pair!