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Iplehouse boy Mars!

Jul 25, 2008

    1. I thought I'd start a discussion thread for Mars, if that is all right. :D

      I wonder if he will be part of the Noctarcana Circus? I assume he is YID size. It seems too soon for the 70 cm dolls to debut.

      Arrgh I can't handle more gorgeous males right now! I love what I see of him so far. He could look a lot like one of my characters with less eyeshadow. I hope they make a basic later.
    2. He is really beautiful! Normally I'm not a huge fan of Iplehouse Boys but he might be the one to change my mind.
    3. I believe that he is YID size. I think he's very good looking! But I generally like IH boys. I have one on the way!! I would like to see more pictures of him though, preferably without the dark eyeshadow faceup... he looks just a bit too pretty for me!! I assume that they'll come out with a basic version of Mars soon. It seems as though they have basics for all of the other limiteds.

      I'm with you!! I've just gotten an IH boy, and I have another in mind already that I plan to get soon!! I can't afford any more than that for a while!! :sweat

      Here's the link for easy access... because I just realized it wasn't posted in this thread!!

      Click me!!
    4. I am anxious to see more of him... from the look of his lips and eyes, I think I would positively die if he were to be eventually offered in tan. *swoons*
      *waits not so patiently*
    5. Well they do call him 'Mars - Limited ver,' so that would usually mean he'll be released as a normal version too. ^^

      I like his faceup, and that cheeky smirk is just too cute! I'm already a fan of IH so I'll be keeping an eye out for this guy! =D
    6. More pictures are up now. He is not with the circus, he is YID size and he has a really neat, romantic rock star type outfit. I really like what I see so far!:aheartbea

      I have the love affair from afar with Iplehouse. They were the first dolls I fell in love with, but I don't have one yet. Maybe this is the one to change that when basics come out.
    7. wow, he is so gorgeous! :D

      But I'm afraid I'm stuck waiting for a basic version/a cicus boy :P
    8. I very much like the idea of "Hand part to take the sword"! Do you think he might come with a sword accessory? :D
    9. oh he's gooooooorgeous! I hope there's a basic too because I can't afford a limited so soon! gah! so.many.beautiful.dolls.....
    10. Nope. The "sword" hands are, I belive, given out as an extra when ordering limited dolls (I got them with my tanned Soo Ri's)- plus they can be purchased as an option part. If I recall correctly, they were released along with the Ryushin and Barron fullsets last year- and those boys came with a sword ;)

      A pretty boy, but I think he looks alot like their other boys, I don't really feel like there's anything "new". Which is a good thing, as I won't be tempted by yet another handsome fellow :sweat
    11. He's quite charming. :D
      Hopefully they'll release the basic version sometime later too! :3 *crosses fingers*
    12. Hmm...they call him a 'Model' and the word model usually brings to mind being tall...YID isn't bad...but I'm still waiting for EID XD

      And his face is gorgeous...I'm with Sirriusstar, I've always loved Iplehouse dolls, and have yet to own one XD
    13. I can't believe I put the money down for a Gentle Soo-ri and then a day later IH put this beauty up adoption!!!!! Fingers triple crossed for a basic version with some availability when I next have moola ;)
    14. I announce that he's my going to be my new next boy! Muahahahaha. I have about 200 dollars invested so far.
    15. Congrats! I have 4 IP boys so IP is a favorite of mine:)...

      This boy though realy isn't doing it for me. Considering my collection...probably not a bad thing. I'm glad to see new people looking at IP because of this boy. They are a great doll company!
    16. *_________________________*

      I LOVE THIS BOY. But before I can decide whether he'll go on my wishlist or not, I"ll have to see more photos of his beautiful face. I can't wait! ^^ this is very unexpected indeed. I wonder if he'll be a basic? I do hope so!

      ah, I've always been a fan of Iplehouse. <3
    17. . . .

      Why did I look?

    18. He's VERY pretty, but a little too "fem" for me. (Which is good! Because I can't afford another boy right now!)

      Whew...thanks Iple House! I already own a Soo-Ri and a Lion, and Barron is on my Wish List; I didn't need to fall inlove with another one of your boys!
    19. Are Mars and Lion the same head mold do you think?

      If not, they're pretty close.

      Anyone else think so?

    20. I have considered Lion for the same character I'm considering Mars for so I have been looking at the two a lot. I don't think they are the same, though I do see some similarity in features, especially in the chin and mouth. Their eyes are quite different and it looks like Mars' nose is smaller. Mars' features overall seem smaller and more delicate, but that could be the pictures.

      I wish there was a picture of Mars' head sans eye shadow. It is distractingly girly. I think he could look a lot more boyish with a more masculine face up, but I'd like to have a little proof. ;)

      He is certainly the perfect pretty boy model as is!