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Iplehouse Chase-Magician

Oct 27, 2009

    1. Ooh. Like Luna, is he going to be available under the E.I.D Basic category at a later date?
    2. Well, since all the others have so far, I'd assume so.
    3. Actually Kamau isn't offered under basic, so it's debatable but this guy looks like he may have the new model body so he'll have a high chance to being basic..and they may start to offer the newer body under the other basics.
    4. Ah.. Though my theory is that the only reason Kamau isn't is because they can't do tan skin this time of year, and that he'll probably show up at a later date. ... Just a theory though.
    5. I asked back when he was released if he would be released in basic in his dark skintone, or as NS basic, and Iple told me no, they had no plans to do so. Because of his distinctly African look, I think they decided he wouldn't look as good in paler tones...that's why his only releases so far have been in tans and variations of. ^^

      However, I was also told that "Sword Dance" Kamau was going to be the ONLY version of Kamau---and then they re-released him with Akando, Evan, and Luo, in the EID Realskin event. So...Iple could possibly change their minds again, as they seem to often do. xD

      I hope they make him standard edition eventually, although I was told 'no' back then. ;w;

      And anyway..CHASE! Glad they give him skintone options, he looks handsome as either pale or dark! <3
    6. I know for sure that the Chase will be released in the Basic category soon after, just like Luna and Jessica were. I asked them yesterday. :)
    7. The rest of the pictures are up!
    8. He's for sale!