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Iplehouse Christmas Event - includes Sleeping Soo Ri head!

Nov 15, 2007

    1. If you haven't already heard, Iplehouse is doing their annual Christmas event. Here are the details from their site:

      Date 2007/11/14 [20:19] Hit 82
      Title Iplehouse Christmas Event

      Hi, everyone. ^^ Here is Iplehouse.

      Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~ such a pleasant Christmas is upcoming.
      For this Christmas, Iplehouse is promoting great event.
      We hope you all would be together with Iplehouse for special Christmas.

      For details, please kindly refer to the following.

      ¡Ú Information about Iplehouse Christmas Event ¡Ú

      Period : Nov. 20 ~ Dec. 25

      * Event 1 :

      During the event period, a dreaming head is given for free, to the event target customer.

      Target customer : customers who purchase Iplehouse doll one time, during this event period

      (We can offer this to customers only who make out the order sheet completely until Dec. 25, 2007, and can not offer duplicate.)

      - Notice -

      1. The color / type of the event head will be shipped at random, and customers can not choose.

      2. Available head : one of dreaming Lion, dreaming Silvia and dreaming Soo Ri will be shipped at random.

      3. This event is limited to purchase only one time, and if you pay in installments, this case will be excluded from the target of this event.
      (But, this has no relation with paying in installments by credit card.)

      4. Exception : customers who purchase other company's doll, and customers who purchase option parts

      5. If there are customers who want the make-up on the event head, please purchase the make-up goods, and on the order sheet, please leave a message of [the event head make-up].

      6. During this event, when customers who already received the event head will purchase the doll, we will give the wig as a gift. (The wig is offered at random.)

      * Event 2 :

      For customers who purchase the goods of over 150,000 KRW, we will give the wig as a gift.

      The color / design / size of wig are given at random, so the exchange or refund is not possible.

      Customers can't choose the wig, and please kindly understand this.

      The wig will be offered to only one customer, only one time, during the event period.

      Exception - customers who already received the event head when purchase Iplehouse doll, and customers who purchase other company's doll

      We are very thankful for all customers visiting Iplehouse site during a year of 2007.

      And for the rest of the time, together with this Christmas event, we hope you all have such a pleasant time.

      Thank you very much! ^__^

      I also posted a News discussion thread, in case are interested.
    2. I'm a little confused. So if you buy any one of the Iplehouse dolls (even if it's not Lion, Sylvia, or Soori), you'll receive a random head as part of the event?

      Just checking.