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Iplehouse Christmas Event

Dec 10, 2005

    1. I did a search and didn't find a topic so I figured I'd post this.

      Looks like Iplehouse is also having a Christmas Event. Depending on what amount you order you get a free item.



      " Thanks for using Iplehouse for one year of 2005.
      And we will make efforts to be kinder & happier Iplehouse in 2006.

      In case of buying over $100 : BJD size book one
      In case of buying over $300 : BJD size book three

      For customer's buying over $500, we will give Soo Ri old version head, for free.

      - Skin type : random

      - Target : within the event period, when customer orders over $500 at one time.
      (Ony for customer who has to order and remit the complete payment within the event period)

      -For customer who wants head make-up, please let us know on notice board or by email.
      Cost for make-up is $50.

      For make-up, you can choose strong or natural style, so please tell us.
      (But when you request for make-up, please understand that the time is needed more or less)

      -Soo Ri old version has a little older face, compared with new version of Soo Ri.

      -You can bring up them as brother.

      This is 10 bodies limited, and would be offered in the order of payment, except for these customers, we will send different present."
    2. I'm starting to hate all these Christmas events... The time when I have the least amount of money is when I want to buy the most for my dollies... I mean I want to get a Be Yearn for myself and then my friend could use the Soo Ri for her first doll...

      *shakes fist*

      Curse you generous Christmas offers! Stop tempting me already!!
    3. And it did happen about 10 days after I ordered my Be Yearn, too XD
      Oh well, he's shipped now, and that's all I really want for Christmas!
    4. What are the bjd size books?
    5. I think they are the pictures on the notice...?