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Iplehouse Christmas Event

Oct 27, 2011

    1. Seems like a good time to start a group Order in my opinion.

      Link to Post:

      = Iplehouse Christmas Event =

      Wow, Xmas' coming.~~ Here is very special event Iplehouse made for you!!!
      Using various price range of voucher, you can purchase Iplehouse items with much lower price.
      It's golden chance you don't miss, which you can save up your points and get some items with discounted price.~!!!

      Period : Nov. 1 ~ Dec. 25

      Voucher discount events
      *When you purchased over $200
      $ 4 Discounted fares (2% discount + 1% point saved)
      *When you purchased over $600
      $ 18 Discounted fares (3% discount + 1% point saved)
      *When you purchased over $1000
      $ 40 Discounted fares (4% discount + 1% point saved)
      *When you purchased over $2000
      $ 100 Discounted fares (5% discount + 1% point saved)

      **** NOTE ****

      NO make-up orders can be delivered faster than make-up.

      After the order is difficult to provide because of lack of stock,
      so an e-mail may be sent to customers cause of stock.
      So please note that.

      It can be close early in period of event, cause of the out of stock.

      If you would like to receive the order before Christmas, you might have to hurry up to make an order because we have lots of order quantities to manage during the event period, the shipping schedule should be delayed.

      Some items may be excluded.
      Discount vouchers cannot be duplicated.
      Vouchers are not exchanged for cash.

      We would like to offer better services to customers.
      Thank you for your interest and support. :)