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Iplehouse Christmas Gifts!

Nov 22, 2006

    1. This just in on iplehouse.net!


      Date 2006/11/22 [15:04]
      Title Information for the event gift

      We kindly inform you all visiting Iplehouse.

      A little earlier, we prepared the event for Christmas. ^^

      Here are gifts for the event.

      When you purchase over $110, we will offer two mini books of doll size.

      When you purchase over $220, we will offer a pair of eyeball.

      For eyeball size, 16mm & 18mm are offered.
      Size can be offered at random, so we hope there will be no special request.

      After purchasing the goods, please inform us of the size you want on the message section.
      When there is no message, the size will be offered at random, as well.
      When you purchase over $330, we will offer wig.

      For wig size, there are 7-8 inch / 8-9 inch and 9-10 inch, so please let us know what size you want in them.

      And color & style of wig will be offered at random.

      When you purchase over $550, we will offer wig & eyeball.

      So, when you place an order, please leave what size of wig & eyeball you want on the message section.

      And this is special information. ^__^

      This is the gift for customers who purchase Iplehouse doll over $550.

      Within the event period, only for customers who purchase the doll and then make the payment, head will be offered.
      Customers who purchase body or head and other company's doll will be excluded, so please kindly understand.

      For customers who purchase boy doll, we will give Lion's dreaming head.
      For customers who purchase girl doll, we will give Silvia's dreaming head.

      No make-up head will be offered, so if there are customers who want make-up, please leave an additional message.

      We will post the photo of head in Dec., so please kindly wait for a while. ^__^

      Due to preparation for the event goods, shipping can be somewhat delayed.

      So, for customers who want to receive before Christmas, we kindly ask to place an order in a hurry.

      Then, we will wait for your lots of support & purchase.

      Thank you very much. ^__^
    2. After asking a question on the QandA board I asked them to clarify what you are getting with the iplehouse doll purchase. A lot of people thought you got also extra eyes and wig. The answer is no, the eyes and wigs are if you buy a doll from their site from another company. If you order an iplehouse doll you get only the event head. (I wanted to clear that up)They told me the doll already came with eyes and wig. It's still a very good value. And they'll post pictures of the head Friday from what I can gather.