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iplehouse.com "Be Yearn" (Special ver1-knight)

Aug 16, 2005

    1. ...

      Holy crap that's a gorgeous outfit. *stare*

      I love that blue material..
    2. Am I crazy, or does that doll look a lot like Dean?
    3. That's exactly who I thought it was 'til you said something. @__@; *wasn't paying attention* Now that I look, though, I can tell...he's definitely not. The smile is very similar, though! n n Goodness, I need rest.

      Be Yearn -- is that HIS name, or the name of the whole...package, I wonder? :0...Again, I need sleep.
    4. beautiful doll! and the outfit reminds me of a cross between Souldoll's Paris,Strive with fate & Knight Lune. Stunning! thanks for sharing <3
    5. I love this doll! :D He's amazing! Is he a new type?
    6. is there an english version of this site? because there looks liek there's stuff I'd want to get...

    7. perhaps is by the same sculptor , I love the body and hands ...I have a thing about hands :grin:
      I think if I were in the market for a boy ...or a boys body for that matter I would be tempted
    8. This boy is great!! I love him!! And I never have seen this shop!! :o
    9. Okay, it's weird.
      The knight version looks omg, way hot! but the standard version looks totally different!
    10. Wow!!! How gorgeous! :o
    11. The sculptor for Dean in Rainman; this boy is by G2 Master.
      Rainman is kind of busy now, with Soah & Ryung production, so I would be surprised if he'd even had time.

      Also, I think it's the coloring that make Ipplehouse Be Yearn look like Dean.
      Especially the blond wig, as Dean was first shown nearly always in a similar style blond wig.

      But, hey at first glance, you bet.

      Second glance:
      I grabbed Baltazar, my Dean, and they have quite a few differences, from the angle of the nose & under the nose to the chin, the ears are different, this new boy has more defined brow &, not lines exactly, but places where a human develops lines from the sides of the mouth to the nose. Dean is fairly smooth through there, with curves rather than more planes on the new Be Yearn.
      Slightly wider nose & mouth on Be Yearn, too.

      And his hands are very nice, indeed, as several other posters have noted.

      'Taz is going back & watching his show now.

      Ann in CT
    12. Oh! Aeon did his makeup! :grin: She's the one who made the Seimei heads.... :| which I've been trying to get ahold of for almost a year now....
    13. Off-topic, but there's a Seimei head for sale right now in the Marketplace:
    14. hmmm....i think i like him. i wish i could afford him!