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Iplehouse CREAA Doll

Apr 10, 2018

    1. This line made its debut in early 2017. The dolls (both male and female) have elongated bodies with delicate limbs, which makes them stand out from Iplehouse's more realistically proportioned lines. So far there are no basics. Each doll has been released for a limited time. The sculpts have been fairies/elves, humans, and one frog. Here are the stats:

      CREAA J Girl
      * Height: 47.5 cm
      * Weight: 440 g
      * Head Measurement: 17 cm (6-7 inch)
      * Neck Measurement: 5.5 cm
      * Bust Size: 15 cm
      * Shoulder Width: 7.5 cm
      * Arm Length: 14.5 cm
      * Arm Measurement: 4.5 cm
      * Wrist Measurement: 3 cm
      * Waist Measurement: 10.5 cm
      * Hip Measurement: 18 cm
      * Thigh Measurement: 11 cm
      * Waist to Toe Length: 33 cm
      * Ankle Measurement: 4 cm
      * Foot Length: 5.5 cm

      CREAA J Boy
      * Height: 50.5 cm
      * Weight: 470 g
      * Head Measurement: 16 cm (6-7 inch)
      * Neck Measurement: 6.2 cm
      * Shoulder Width: 8 cm
      * Arm Length: 15.6 cm
      * Arm Measurement: 5 cm
      * Wrist Measurement: 3 cm
      * Waist Measurement: 12.5 cm
      * Hip Measurement: 17.4 cm
      * Thigh Measurement: 9.6 cm
      * Waist to Toe Length: 32.8 cm
      * Ankle Measurement: 4.6 cm
      * Foot Length: 6.2 cm

      I hope owners (both current and potential ) will gather here to discuss their dolls. I have Leah (elf version) on order and will share photos when she arrives.
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    2. Looking forward to owner photos!!
    3. I do really like the kind of weird and fantasy aesthetic of this line. It's not in the cards for me at this point, but maybe in the future. I'll definitely hang around and oogle the owner pictures when they happen though!
      I can't wait to see your Leah when she arrives @vermont chick her sculpt looks so delicate and lovely.
      Also the clothes they have for the creaa line look amazing!
    4. Funny you should mention the clothes, @TatterPunk - Her outfit is what drew me to Leah in the first place, especially the short cardigan. I want to examine it closely to see if I can make something similar for my other elves.

      What really cinched the deal for me was a quick look at the patterns available for Evangeline Ghastly from: Designs by Jude featuring Fletcher Pattern Company. Except for the bust, the measurements are the same. Hopefully the bust line won't be a difficult alteration to work out. Shoes are another issue. A lot of dolls have the same foot length; it's the width that may pose problems. I'll have to wait until she gets here and see.

      The aesthetic of this line reminds me a bit of Doll Chateau with its exaggeratedly long limbs. DC is a bit extreme for me (not to mention most of their dolls look rather unhappy) so I'm glad to have a gentler alternative from Iplehouse.

      I plan for Leah to be a muse/love interest for my Soom Idealian51. He's a lot thicker all around but their heads are the same size. She'll look especially ethereal next to him.
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    5. I like these dolls because they remind of Rosette dolls... And love the long lanky look. But sadly my doll funds are tapped. So I hope to moon over owner pics of them :)
    6. @Chehime - They do look like Rosette dolls, now that I think of it. I had a Rosette years ago but sold her, sadly.
    7. OOoh @vermont chick I bet she'll look amazing with your ID51! I am sooo bored tonight. No one seems to be posting in any of the threads I follow -flop-. And we need more people here in the CREAA discussion!

      I'm wondering when they're gonna do the bigger CREAAs. . or if they still plan to at all. It seems like there's a huge market for the mini sized dolls lately. Also, I like how weird some of these dolls have been. Like frog boy. I love the frog hands. And the first one Psyche I think it was? With her creepy lidless bug eyes. They definitely seem to lend well to people who want dolls as the fair folk.
    8. Yay a thread for the CREAAs! Thanks @vermont chick :)

      I've been thinking about getting Leah too, but I kind of should be saving for other things... :huh?:

      @TatterPunk I love the odd stuff they've been doing too. I was hoping Psyche would come back, looks like I missed my chance there.
    9. Thank you @vermont chick for starting this thread and congratulations on ordering Leah! Look forward to seeing her when she arrives.

      I fell in love with the Frog Prince but felt he wouldn't fit in my collection and now regret not buying him. First time that has happened. I asked Iplehouse if they will ever sell him again, including the frog parts, and said they probably will just not sure when
    10. That's good news if Iplehouse plans to re-release the frog prince, @LunarWolf. Maybe they will plan a re-release of Psyche for those who couldn't decide on her at the time. She always reminded me of a little alien. I wish I had ordered the second release of Zinnia--I really like her. Not a fan of the curlicue resin heels they offer, so more shoe options would be appreciated, too.

      @TatterPunk - I don't remember mention of larger CREAAs. Iplehouse sure is branching out these days!
    11. @vermont chick If you look in the body reviews section, there's a section for Creaa-S as well as the current Creaa-J dolls. It's still there, so they either still have plans to do it or they just haven't taken it down yet.
    12. Aha! I hadn't looked there. I also see a CREAA-K for a Kid, perhaps? Funny. It's my impression that this line is not all that popular. I guess Iple has high hopes.
    13. I think the Creaa-k is newer since I don't really remember seeing it. Perhaps they're more popular among not english speaking folks or people not on DoA?
    14. There must be a market for dolls with long skinny limbs or else Doll Chateau would have gone out of business long ago.
    15. So true. I love DC but I'm currently into the more realistic looks. . . though the Creaa ones may worm their way into my house next year maybe since I do love me some weird fae creatures, and these have smaller heads than the Doll Chateau ones, so they'd fit in better with my others.
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    16. Wow, I missed this entirely! Was just now looking at some IpleClothes and saw the Creaa line. I had no idea. If I had seen that Zinnia from last fall I would have nabbed her in a heartbeat. This looks like a line to pick up where Soom has left off by killing off the Rosettes. While I like DC I do like the looks here from Iplehouse. Which the first time in a long time I've seen an interesting doll from them....
    17. Well, just when I was all excited about the possibility of buying Evangeline Ghastly patterns for Leah, I go to Fletcher Pattern Company and find a notice that the store is currently closed. Closed temporarily? Closed forever? Gone on vacation? Gone to the moon? A little more info would have been appreciated. :pout:

      @dollhausen - I wondered if the Rosettes were completely gone. It seemed like there was talk about their return a year or two ago. I'm glad we have CREAA to fill the gap. Now we just need more sculpts, especially basic ones that you can order anytime.
    18. @vermont chick Well, nuts! I was actually just going to ask you if you got the chance to buy any of the patterns before the shop disappeared. I am kicking myself that I didn't :( All their patterns are gone from Etsy too and blessed if I can find any leads about where they've disappeared to/for how long...
    19. @eland - I'm kicking myself, too. So many times I haven't bought patterns because I assumed they would always be there when I wanted them. Her patterns are gone from Amazon and ebay, too, except for one on ebay which is a re-sale.

      Adams-Harris Pattern Company Adams Harris Pattern Company has patterns for Evangeline, too, but so far there are only two of them. I don't know if she has more in the works.
    20. @vermont chick :sighsigh... me too. Thought I'd at least wait until I ordered the doll before buying the patterns, hah! *sad trumpet sound*
      Thanks for the link, I won't dawdle this time! I found a seller called Raccoon Rags who has a couple of patterns, and over on a blog called Wild Imaginings I found a couple of free patterns (no instructions, and unclear to me at this stage if it is for the taller Evangeline or not - but hey, free is free)