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Iplehouse Discontinuing Aaaron and Cocori?

May 14, 2009

    1. News thread here!

      I'm so sad about this. I have been dreaming of a light tan Cocori for ages. :( I know that I could have NOT bought my 3 latest MSDs and gotten her instead but . . well I guess I always knew she was only a dream.

      So do you guys think they are discontinuing the molds - like in the normal skin ones too? Or just dark and light tan?

    2. Dustbunnie, as soon as I saw the news, I instantly thought of you and knew
      how much you had been wanting Cocori :(
      They told me last summer that they wouldn't sell them again, but they put then up for sale again .
      If I knew my IH Password, I'd ask them for clarification,
      wether they'd be available again, or if this is the end for good.
      I seriously hope you manage to get your girl, since you've been wanting her for ages :(

      I do hope she gets put back up for sale again, because I want another 2 Cocori's one day..
    3. Hopefully it's just because of the rainy season, making it hard to cast. There aren't enough Cocoris =(
    4. Thats really sad :(. I hate it when companies discontrinue molds, especialy these two are popular :...(
    5. I managed to remember my P/W.
      I've asked if it will be all the Cocori's [Ws/Ns/Lt/Dk], or just the tanned ones.
      And if they'll be available again after the rainy&humid season.
      *Is still sad. There just ain't enough Cocoris&Aarons around!!
    6. I think it's a terrible shame. They are both so beautiful. I can understand the resin being complicated but that's no reason to stop all together. Just make them seasonaly. I really hope all the people that want them can get them in time. :( Very sad news.
    7. Dark Aaron was out of stock forever and a day before he popped back in recently. I just assumed the dark resin was too much hassle, and the only reason they were making him was because they had to do the darkskinned EID anyway so might as well make up a few Aarons if anyone wants as well.
      I already ordered my Dark Aaron the other week because I figured he would not be around long.
    8. Oh, no, I hope they just mean for the season. :(
    9. Good plan. I hope it is just for the summer. I really want a Dark Cocori. I have since I discovered ABJDs. Might have to go for it if this is the last batch ever. :(
    10. This upsets me SO MUCH. I wanted a dark Aaron SO BADLY. But I won't have money for another couple of months... and then it'll be too late... I hope they make them again...:...(
    11. callum91, please let us know what their response is. I still want to get one more Cocori but now with the move isn't good :(
    12. OMG nooooooo!!!! :'( waaahh why why would they do this! this should be a crime!! I hope it isnt all the Cocoris! I wouldnt be able to go on.... :(
    13. It really would be such a pity if this was permanent - there really aren't many dark tan dolls in the community and it'd be nice to be able to freely choose.

      Hopefully this is for the season like last time :)
    14. OMG! I hope it's only seasonal. Dk Aaron is next on my list.
    15. The way I read this, they are just not taking any orders for the season. I don't think they're gone forever. :)
    16. I thought it was just for the season. I think I want a dark Cocori this time because I have the Swan Lake Cocori and a dark tan Aaron. I was hoping one of the JID would be dark tan but I guess that's out.;(
    17. They updated that part idrisfynn :)
      When they first put the news up, there wasn't the "seasonally" part.

      This was their response;

      "Hi, lovely callum91~~

      We will just stop manufacturing temporarily, and please do not worry too much.
      In fact, in the rainy season, most manufacturing works for dolls become difficult a lot.
      In them, the work for tanned doll is specially difficult.
      In summer & winter, it is difficult to do the work in various ways.

      Urethane material is a lot sensitive to humidity & temperature, so the manufacturing work should be complicated.

      Not in Nov., it would be available in Sep, again. ^^

      We have the plan to sell with the limited period.
      It would be good for us to make the progress in good season for the manufacturing work of doll, in various ways.

      Thank you very much and Have a good day.~~"

      I has asked wether it was all of the Cocoris, and if it's temporary discontinuation.
      And if they would be released again in Nov, (since I presumed that was when it was okay to make the tans again).
      And the part about limited period, I said that if it was difficult to make them all the time, why not do a preorder period every other month or something, so people can save up for them,etc :)
      Phew :)
    18. I am happy to hear they are going to come back again... there aren't lot of dolls with dark tan resin, and I find them gorgeous! T_T
    19. Phew Im glad there not gone forever :sweat
    20. They just say it is because of the season. It is good that they do that and the dolls aren't compromised. Just save your money and wait until they come back up!!!