Event Iplehouse discontinuing some dolls

Apr 26, 2016

    1. I just got an email from Iplehouse that they will be discontinuing some dolls. They are going on sale for the next couple of months. The best discounts are until April 1st, which is 20% off, then it will be 10% off until June 26th.

      2016 Discontinued List_en
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    2. It's april 25- May 1st 20% off
      May 2nd- June 26 10% off :)

      They are discontinuing EID Victor. I've been eyeing him. Huhu I have really low doll funds. :(
    3. Luna, nuuuu

      Are the sculpts still gonna be available for the full-choice system though?
    4. No, they are not going to be available CDS after June 26th. I saw someone's response from Iple on the matter a day or so ago, on FB I think.
    5. Iplehouse did mention that the discontinued sculpts will not be in Doll Choice. But they have given one extra month layaway if you order over $1000 and contact them (4 payments instead of 3). I am getting Akando and Tedros with this opportunity.
    6. I saw on the site there are requests for heads only to be sold. Has Iplehouse said if this will be possible?
    7. I asked and the English manager said that her boss doesn't want to sell parts at this time, but as she has had so many requests in this case, she's going to bring it up with him again. No word yet whether this has been successful I'm afraid.
    8. Thanks! I shall continue to watch and hope as I can't make the 20% deadline anyway. A bit annoyed it was only for five days but I do see where they are coming from...
    9. I asked myself and the answer is no despite people asking for it.
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    10. Is Gentle Akando included in discontinued list too? I thought just Akando and Dreaming Akando are discontinued except G Akando. But he is now in doll option parts section too and I was confused. When they first noticed this news, they only sold Akando and D Akando, so I thought I can get G Akando via Doll Choice.
    11. They told me that all related heads would be removed from DC, so that included the gentle head Akando and fantasy head Victor. These additional heads will not be available after the sales period ends. It's good that they are now offering them as separate heads with the rest but still a pity they won't be available later :(
    12. If I am reading this correctly if I want a face up on one of the heads that are purchased separately I need to select the custom face up option?
    13. Yes, they haven't included face up options with the heads, so you'll have to add a custom face up. Choose simple if it's a basic make up already offered.