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Iplehouse Discussion (HID -male and female) part 2

Mar 6, 2018

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    1. @LaurieESW - The HID body is lovely and looks good on Lahela!

      Here I tried my Doria head on the HID body. :XD:

      [​IMG]Persephone by luluna33, on Flickr
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    2. something less serious lol... Drake has a new hidey hole for now while i sort out my stuff (god i have a lot of doll stuff :aeyepop:) Yes he's being racy too ... the boy needs undies but he has a blanket to keep warm and out of the sun. lol He sits with me at my new computer station :XD:

      by J L, on Flickr
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    3. New Iplehouse Notice - HID Limited Sales Open.
      Hello, this is IpleHouse.
      Lot of cusotmers requested for HID dolls, so we decided to open them for a limited period of time.
      **Sales period : March 19th ~ April 15th
      You can choose the head, type of body and skin color on the option.
      But there would be no make up option for this sale.
      All of the make up amount are different by the head, so we cannot adjust all of the exact amount.
      If you want make up, please leave a messgae on the Q&A board and we will answer shortly.
      Then, you can order make up option product by the offered amount.
      Or if you have alreday paid for the doll, ask us to add the make up amount.
      For those who have waited to purchase HID, this is your chance so try not to miss it.
      Thank you.
      Link to original post - Support < Notice < HID Limited Sales Open
    4. Great news !!!! I want Bella on HID body.:D
    5. Does that mean we can use layaway, I wonder? :abambi:
    6. Yes !!!
    7. @Pathy - are you saying yes to my question or just super happy about the sale in general? LOL
    8. Yes to your question ! LOL !
      I'm so happy they sell again HID.:dance
    9. @Pathy - Ooooh good! :XD: Thank you! I"m very happy to hear this! LOL. I didn't want to get too excited before I knew for sure.
      #11 luluna, Mar 16, 2018
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
    10. Does anyone who follows Iplehouse’s sales know if the HID will go on sale again? Like during the winter holidays.

      I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the doll I want now or wait until later.

      I thought Iplehouse had fairly regular event periods, but the wording of this one makes me worry a bit.

      Thank you!
    11. I think they certainly make an other sale later in the year, but nobody can say really when.
      HID is a big and pricy doll, so I don't think there's a lot customers for them, instead of the FID that are really a success for the company.
      You could still ask them on the Q&A directly on their website ;)
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    12. I contacted Iplehouse on the Q&A, and this the the response:

    13. that sounds like by next year HID could end up on the chop block... -_- it also sounds like HID bodies are not selling (at least not from a business view)... Glad i have my guy
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    14. HID women I think are popular because they are upgraded EID woman because they can share clothes

      HID men I dont think are selling because no one makes clothes for them other than Iplehouse and they havent put any new HID clothes for men :/ I love the HID body but i will settle for EID because at the least I can find clothes for them on etsy and taobao

      Too bad because I really like Calix on the HID body he looks very bad ass
    15. personally I love the HID body but a seamstress in my club (professional that is)... didn't like sewing for males in general and she hated even helping me take measurements for Drake >< said 'he was pretty to look at but horrid to even think about sewing for' ... When I'm done paying for replacing my computer I have a mess of measurements i want to sent to someone to ttry and get stuff for him... if they didn't live across the planet i'd send my damn doll if it would help lol. I may end up letting Drake body swap to get some looks for him even.
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    16. I love the HID body way better than EID so I hope they don’t abandon them. They are similar size to LLT and Pygmalion doll bodies so need more clothes for this size as well.
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    17. refresh me... LLT?

      and we need to find clothing makers who have access to borrow on the bodies from an owner to make basic pattern drafts from to work with...
    18. @Lady Tiku Le Legende de Temps ;)

      I had no idea they could share clothes with HID, I thought LLT were closer to EID than HID because the HID body is pure protein and LLT looks like a greek god build

      I would love to see a pic of the EID HID and LLT together

      I like Calix because Im pretty sure hes based on Tekken's Jin Kazama, I would love to get Calix and turn him into Jin's devil form but thats something that needs to wait until next year, I got too much too soon :frownyblush:

      I wish Freedom Teller or Sartoria J would sew HID clothes. I asked freedom teller and they said no lol. Maybe if there is enough demand :eusa_pray