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Iplehouse EID and SID Mobility

May 1, 2012

    1. Hello there! I'm an artist, and for the longest time I wanted one of those wooden posing figures to use for my drawings, but when we had two of them in my Animation class, I discovered that they had the mobility of a carrot. I then discovered BJDs and the Iple EID's caught my eye. I have my heart set on getting Carina, but I heard that EID women are difficult to work with in the posing department. Is this true, or should I just play with her elastic a bit when I get her?

      Please help! I don't want to spend a grand on a doll just to find out that she doesn't work the way I want her to!
    2. From what I've heard, their main issue is good sitting-poses. I am hoping to get a Carina (or a Soo) myself sometime this year so I've been looking around quite a bit about stuff like this, so far the only complaint I've heard from owners of EIDs is that they aren't too good at sitting down properly...
    3. Aw man. Even with the mobility joint?

      Anybody else feel free to join in. I want to know as much as possible.

      Should I get an SID for posability?
    4. Yeah, the mobility joint lets you move the thighs and all that but this issue is more of a falling-flat-on-their-backs thing. :/

      However, I have no idea if restringing can fix this. Hopefully it can. And didn't Iplehouse change the joints of their JIDs recently to make sitting easier for them? Maybe they've done that to their bigger dolls as well? :)
    5. They have issues with falling on their backs? This is the first I've heard of this. Any other mobility issues you know about?
    6. Yeah, if they sit up with good posture they have a tendency to fall backwards. The JID I had did the same thing and from what I hear the larger dolls are a bit worse since they are heavier. But - again - I don't know if restringing helps. And if you make them sit a bit "hunched over" so they bend a little extra forward it works fine, but sitting up straight seems to be a bit of an issue. Other than that I have heard nothing but good things about them pose-wise. I had no trouble with my JID girl other than the sitting, either.
    7. I have a SID Eric and he poses extremely well. I have had him sitting as well as standing with no problems at all.
    8. So, it seems to me that SID's are better than EID's in the posing department. Any other input?
    9. I can only speak on behalf of my E.I.D. Akando he did have some trouble with falling backwards when he was sitting but after re-stringing, he sits like a champ and poses beautifully... hope this helps...