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Iplehouse EID boy - Arvid

Jan 25, 2011

    1. Saw that too. Just waiting on a discussion thread now. XD
    2. I was thinking Arvid could be a bountyhunter in the Firefly verse....:D
    3. That, or a slightly steampunk-ish cowboy, a la 'wild wild west' and its ilk. So not complaining here! That would be a fun and unusual theme that hasn't been done to death, and a nice spin on one that's currently popular at the same time.
    4. So far I like what I see of Arvid and if the leather work is anything like Tedros' it should be a great outfit.
    5. Holy crap. Arvid better not look as awesome as his promo pictures, or I'm in serious trouble (my future RS Lee is shaking his head and muttering about me under his breath). He very much reminds me of "Wild Wild West" like surreality said. And cowboy's are new; I'm excited to see the direction Iple is headed in. Although, I'm kind of hoping he's not supposed to be something mystical. Being in a futuristic wild west is enough for me :)

      And yes, the clothes look like they're going to be amazing.
    6. So far with the promo pic of Arvid I'm in trouble too. But I'm a little sad at the size. I would have loved to see him as a limited SID. ^^ But that won't stop me from buying him if I fall in love. ^^*
    7. Never mind the wild west, put one of these Iplehouse boys in a kilt. That's my suggestion. I hope Iplehouse are listening.
    8. I loled a little when I saw the new guy's promo pic.
      Totally looks like Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII. I am guessing he will be hot! XD

      Edit: (For you who might google that name if you do not already know FF8 and it's characters. If you do not have adult filter on, be ware that there might come up some yaoi pictures NSFW when you do. You have been warned.)
    9. You took the words right out of my mouth, LOL!!!!
    10. Nihmo - Or we're at home and we're looking for those photos. LOL Yeah, he does sort of have that vibe a bit, but honestly, I probably won't want the doll. I want the outfit! XD
    11. I have a feeling he'll be perfect for a character of mine, except the wrong size. And I agree that outfit looks like it'll be killer. :)
    12. Ach! Horrible time for such a doll as Arvid to come out.XD Especially if he comes with the weapons. I love, love, love the idea of wild west cowboy or gunslinger kind of guy. Though I would have loved less of a fantasy direction with it -- especially in the footwear. Cowboy boots with some spurs on them would have been pretty epic. I hope this is a theme they intend to run with for a bit. Ooh and an SID or EID Calamity Jane type female character as opposed to the typical saloon girl would be pretty awesome. Or maybe if the saloon girls were styled along the lines of the Gem saloon girls on Deadwood? Less frills and a little rougher around the edges?
    13. He reminds me of Tedros. :/ I'm not overly impressed until I see the sculpt.
    14. Oh God...this could be it for me, I have resisted the big guys until now!

      Does Iplehouse do layaway? If so for how long? ._.
    15. Iplehouse does 3 month layaway. They require 1/3 down and then 3 payments. They will do longer layaway as well but there is a fee involved.

    16. Thank you Patrice S!

      Edit: Nevermind, found the info page ^_^
    17. I'd be so upset if they made this a theme ( I can tell I am going to be upset lol) because it's something new and something I'd actually be interested in. I think I agree with you on all counts. I want cowboy boots, tough saloon girls and weapons. Dangit, Iplehouse! How can you do this to me!! I can't add any more dolls to my wishlist!!
    18. jacobean: I thought that exact same thing: "I hope he's not another LE Tedros. That man already had 2 >8(" He has that same pointy chin as Chas and Tedros (depending on how close the sculpt is to the drawing) and so I figure I'm safe from him. For about half a minute I thought "dfjksfjdhdf if he's better for Haydn than Luo is, I'm going to be sooo angry!" but....

      hnnnnnnggg those booooooots.... I'll totally go into a split with someone for those :(
    19. OMG!!!!!! That would be amazing!!! Scottish Luo *faints*