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Iplehouse EID Fashion Show/What Fits?

Jun 15, 2009

    1. Ok, for all of us who just don't want to read 3000+ posts to find what fits these boys and what dose not, I thougth I would create this thread.
      Please post anything you find that fits these boys: wigs, clothes, shoes.
      Obviously Iplehouse stuff will fit but past that I would love to know. I am sure that I am not the only one...
      Links or photos would be great but not always needed.
      Thanks everyone.

      Mods: if this thread already made please deleat or murge. Thanks
      I'm going to keep a list going as I can

      Iplehouse EID Shoes
      Dollmore glamor model Loafers
      Dollmore Glamor Model Livin Boots

      Iplehouse 9-10" wigs
      JPop 8-9" wigs
      Monique Johnny (8-9")
      Kemper NiKky Wig (8-9")

      Iplehouse EID Clothes
      Mio has a line for the EIDs
      PamSD also has clothes for them
      WickedStitchery by commission
      Violent Clockworks
      My Pie Fashions

      Dollmore Glamour Model ties
    2. size 8 stretch cap wigs...he's so not a 9.
      here he is in a Monique Johnny size 8

      I got him into a Mecha Angel VERY stretchy top
      That's also a fur wig that was made for my El.

      and Dollmore Glamour Model loafers...

      this is a Dollmore Model Man (70cm) tie and the glasses are from an ebay dealer for Sds
      and the cel phone is from Volks.
    3. Which Mecha Angel top is that-- the plain black spandex pullovers? I have a v-neck spandex long sleeved Mecha Angel pullover, but I am reluctant to stretch it out by coaxing it over EID's curves. :XD: Especially the sleeves. Those giant shoulder-joint-balls vs. those skinny long sleeves? Like a camel through the eye of a needle. But apparently, some people get it to work for some tops.

      (That striped long-sleever, I think, is one of Pam's own. <3 I love it too!)

      Re fur wigs: I have an AnotherSpace fur wig, that they said was 'SD size', but it was always so enormous that I never found a wearer for it... until now. ^^ Good generous fit! Fur wigs need to be 'high-domed' enough to cover EID's big egg-shaped heads, otherwise they look all bald at the base of the skull & hairlines.

      With fiber wigs, I've had almost no trouble. Then again, I have a big wigbox collected already, so the trial-and-error hasn't cost me extra. ^^
      Most of the standard 9-10 wigs in the wigbox (Volks, Leeke, LUTS, KStarr) fit him fine.
      I've also found a ton of 8-9 wigs with stretchy wigcaps (KStarr, Monique Gold, JPopdolls, Poshdolls) that fit fine too. Bijan's favorite is a Jpopdolls 8-9 and Radu's favorite is a Poshdolls 8-9.
    4. He can also squeeze (and I mean squeeze) into the Dollmore Model Span Sleeveless T shirts. It is by no means a good fit and you really have to heave ho to get it on but I think the extreme tightness achieved is better than the slightly baggy t shirts sold by Ip for the EIDs. But then I do like a tightly-clad pec...

      If you are looking for a studded belt, I used a hume choker for mine and it was the perfect length.


      Violent Clockworks (Lordjestocost on here) is also starting to make EID-sized stuff.

      I have also heard that he can fit into some of the Super Senior Delf shoes, but we might need to identify precisely which ones.
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    5. I ordered a couple of Dollmore Model M size things to try out for my Kamau, with mixed results. The nice fully-lined Dragon Kimono does not fit -- the arm openings are too tight to go over EID biceps, and I don't think opening up the side seams would help: it seems narrow enough through the torso that it didn't even work well trying to drape it over his shoulders like a cloak. But the unlined Celestial Gown fits like a dream: sleeves and body are the perfect length, sleeve/armhole openings are big enough for beefy EID arms, and the cut is generous enough to fit over the massive E.I.D. torso:


      This robe's actually full-cut enough that you can wrap it much more closely around the torso than I've shown here -- I was trying to see if I could arrange it for more of a seinen-hero-flashing-lots-of-manry-chest sort of look. ;)
    6. And I just found something surprising that fits the big guys -- http://www.dollheart.com/web/shop/acc/socks/sock.html These DollHeart socks, in SD knee-high size or MSD over-knee/knee-high size (I have some of each and they're identical in size) are knit and shaped seamlessly like regular human socks, and have more than enough stretch to slip on and look like men's calf-length dress socks. They're thin enough that they fit under all my Iple shoes and boots just fine -- I'm waiting for stuff from a Dollmore GO so I'll report back when I can test them out with the Glamor Model shoes.
    7. [​IMG]

      Although a little snug, they can wear these shirts from Dollmore. I suppose this is for the Model size.
    8. ok pics of the boots
      looks ok
      [​IMG]DSC_0071 by Takhisis65, on Flickr
      not too bad
      [​IMG]DSC_0073 by Takhisis65, on Flickr
      doh! muscular calves get in the way, and they are quite snug around the ankles too
      [​IMG]DSC_0070 by Takhisis65, on Flickr

      so if you were only wanting to use them with trousers over the top no probs
      #11 Takhisis, Aug 6, 2009
      Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
    9. I purchased the camouflage EID set for my boy and boy does it NOT fit! It's far too tight for the cheapo snaps. Breathe on it and every snap flies open.

      On the up side, it fits my 70 cm Dollzone boys perfectly.
    10. Hmmm.............I ordered the green camo EID set and it fits fine. Maybe you got a set that shouldn't have made it past quality control.

      I also wanted to add that all the Leekeworld size 8/9" wigs I've tried on my guys work well.
    11. And before that, someone did find that Cons made for 70cm boys fitted too. I believe they were from one of the eBay sellers. such as releaserain or sunny's wonderful world. Sorry, I don't remember which.

      And an update on the SSDF combat boots. They fit beautifully and are perhaps the biggest doll shoes I have ever seen! I will take a quick pic today.

      Also, if yuo are both desperate and determined, it is possible to wrestle the Mecha long, lace up boots on and do them up, thanks to the front lacing.
    12. Oh that is good news...means some of those other SSDF shoes will fit!

    13. :? Uh... SSDF is what/who/which?
    14. Super Senior Delf by Luts
    15. And now that my Dollmore GO has arrived, I can finally confirm that the Glamor Model Oriental Boots fit PERFECTLY. :D I can try to get photos later if anyone needs them, but for now suffice to say they fit like a dream -- I actually left my guy's (very thin) socks on and still had no trouble getting them over his foot and zipped up. They're snug enough around the calf that you probably couldn't tuck in heavier pants like jeans, but thin, light silky pants that aren't too full-cut might be able to squeak into the tops of the boots.

    16. Socks? Thin socks? :o Where did you find socks for them?
    17. They're DollHeart MSD over-the-knee socks ordered from DDE -- I have some of the matching SD socks and the SD knee-highs and MSD over-the-knee are essentially the same size and will both stretch to fit over EID feet and calves. They're knit in-the-round like human socks, not cut-and-backseamed like most of the BJD socks out there, so they stretch beautifully to look just like proper men's dress socks. :)