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Iplehouse EID Female ~ Yur ~

Nov 20, 2009

    1. Very pretty, but not what I was looking for. Too young, sweet and stylised.

      Does anyone else get the impression that the last few head sculpts look to be by a differerent sculptor than produced the realistic males, particularly Luo and Kamau? The style is much more like the usual, idealised Ip style, rather than the stunning realism that those two sculpts had.

      Ah well. I will have to wait and see if they bring out a realistic, mature female head, or think about hybrids. *sigh*
    2. Looks very pretty in my opinion, but looks a lot like the previous Iplehouse dolls >>;

      I actually agree with MadamMauMau about the head looking too young and would like to see more mature heads from IH. Jessica, for example, looks very mature and that's the direction where EID dolls should go, I think.
    3. Hi MauMau :) After reading your post I went back to Iple to have a look... You are right... The latest dolls do look more stylised and like a different Sculptor maybe did them. I would love to see a mature, realistic chocalate girl! :aheartbea

      Hmm, I'm sure if enough of us express interest in wanting to see more realistic, womanly female dolls like Jessica, Iple will deliver. They are real good abotu that :D
    4. From this one picture it seems to me that Yur falls somewhere between Jessica and Luna for maturity. Could be exactly what I am looking for. :)
    5. OK. I have posted a question on the Q&A about future EID female plans and asked, pretty please, for female counterparts to Luo and Kamau. I also asked, because I am nosey, whether a different sculptor is producing these.

      I will post the response when I get it.
    6. Yaaay, I can't wait to hear Iple's response :) Thanks MauMau!
    7. I've liked all the EID females, but Jessica didn't seem quite the sculpt I was looking for, Luna looked ideal but then the basic looked too much like she would be Akando's sister. Yur may be perfect, but I can't tell until I see her in the NS resin. I find they look different in normal resin.
    8. oh wow, she is simply beautiful, and may very well be what I've been looking for. I really can't wait to see the rest of her photos. *sits and patiently waits for the 25th of November.
    9. Oh goodness, I think I might love her. *waits for more pictures*
      This could be very bad for my wallet.
    10. I'm pretty happy-- happy enough to stop trolling around database threads trying to figure out what head I can put on that body. I don't think she looks all that young, personally, I think she has kind of a mature, serene sort of look, which I like.
    11. I like her a lot. I really like her nose and the shape of her face. The last thing I need is another female though.
    12. She's very pretty! I hope to see other photos very soon. :)
    13. She's so beautiful can't wait to see more pics of her. I'd love to get here but will depend on how much. Just bought 2 from them last sat so kinda broke now.
    14. Pretty, but where are the brown skinned EID ladies? I have a feeling that they are shying away from using red pigments in their real skin resin for the time being, which is good if they can solve the problems they had, but if they did put out a dark tan/brown EID woman, I would be so excited...
    15. I always did think Luna was a bit young looking although I loved how pretty she was and was ready to get a basic Luna at the end of this month... but now they're going to release Yur and she looks just slightly older than Luna, but not as mature as Jessica - which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve with my basic Luna >__>

      Ugh... Yur is pretty... something tells me I'll be getting her instead of Luna now :doh
    16. You never know, maybe they'll do like they did with Chase and put out a tan and a light. That would be dangerous.
    17. I completely agree. Very pretty but I am disappointed that she is not more mature looking like Jessica. I hope they will produce another more mature girl in future.
    18. My eye was caught by the outfit! I'm anxious to see more it. Yur is pretty, but I think my heart belongs to Luna.

    19. A little disappointed.. She looks pretty but I was hoping for another girl more along the lines of Jessica and not Luna. Oh well.. Not like I can afford her anyways, but I can't wait to see the rest of her outfit and her story :)