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Iplehouse EID girls in real skin

Jan 5, 2010

    1. Hi,

      two days ago, I asked Iplehouse if the will release any tanned or real skin EID girls. I asked after Luna and Yur.

      This is the answer I received yesterday:

      First, for EID girl in real skin, from this weekend, we will receive orders.
      Our sales period for this would be approx. for a month, and please kindly be notified of this.

      So it seems for a month several or all EID girls will be available in real skin.
    2. Now Up! BUT- on the site it doesn't say which special they are exactly. It says that with tan dolls you can't sand them, so they are NOT Real Skin UV protect type???

      Can anyone post and ask about this?
    3. It says you cannot sand tan dolls even on the UV protect kind. I'm pretty sure Iplehouse said that they would be using the new UV protect resin from here on out for their RS dolls.
    4. It is Realskin UV as per what KeiCai_Ayan said. It's perhaps more sandable than other tan resins, but it's very hard to completely remove any trace of sanding, in my experience there will be lighter areas where sanding has been done.
    5. Here is the answer to my post on the Iplehouse Q&A board:

      [Re] Limited EID Jessica Skin Color
      Hi, lovely mxiong~~

      You can think of real skin as tanned color. ^^
      We will manufacture these with the resin mixed by UV protecting function.

      Thank you and Happy New Year!!


      mxiong wrote :
      >Is this doll UV Protect Real Skin Type -or- Tan/Brown Color Type? I don't know for sure. The color looks like Real Skin, but it has care instruction and description for Tan type.
      >Thank You.
    6. Is the Real Skin Type only for the Special Edition dolls?
    7. So far, yes. They've also release a few of their Noctarcana Circus releases in real skin.
    8. So does anyone know how regularly they release the real skin dolls ? I have Jessica on my wish list but now that I see her in real skin, I desperately want that skin tone...... if I don't buy her now, will she be available in another 6mths or so when i might have a better chance of affording one ???
    9. As far as I remember, no EID doll that was released in real skin was made available in that skintone for a second time. So, until now it is a once in a lifetime offer.
    10. That's not strictly true. The EID boys were offered twice. Once in the old "Greening Roulette" resin and once in the new "UV Protect" resin with the addition of offering Gentle Akando and Kamau who were not available in the first SE realskin release.

      My view is that when/if they release more heads for the EID male/female bodies they will re-release the Special Edition Realskin after the Limited periods are over as this is what they have done before.
    11. Actually, my understanding per what Iplehouse has said is that they will offer different molds in realskin cyclically. Just like they only periodically offer Cocori and Aaron in dark skin, they will gradually cycle through their dolls in realskin.
    12. Is there somewhere that I can see a photo of iplehouse realskin next to their normal skin ?? I would love to see a true comparison before I make the serious decision as to wether to get the trueskin or not. I don't know if I am not looking correctly or not but I can't seem to find something in my efforts so far.
      Thanks heaps.
    13. IpleHouse's skin colors here.
    14. http://iplehouse.net/board/view.php?board_name=DREAMBOARD10&choose2=&choose1=&pagenow=1&CB=&ID=35

      This picture shows most of the skin colors lined up next to each other.
    15. THANKYOU HEAPS. That is so wonderfully helpful. THANKYOU.
    16. I have asked Iple if they plan on releasing the EID boys (Kamau specifically) in Realskin again and this was the answer:

      Since they have the Realskin dolls under the Limited section instead of the Collection section, I think that means they aren't a one time deal.