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Iplehouse EID Luo

Feb 25, 2009

    1. OMG I did NOT need to see the Strongman :atremblin[repeats to self moving soon moving soon] he is gorgeous though I hope those who get him spam him lots:drool
    2. i hate you iplehouse ;_; he is so gorgeous ...do so want but am so broke. Cant wait to see what they put him in
    3. He's amazing looking! I love the detail on his muscles!
      I'm a little more excited about his assistant...I love his colouring! (wondering what height he is)
      Ugh....my bank account is screaming at me...
    4. Yum!....very tempting indeed. He's just so handsome!!!...Beefcake, yes....I just took a look at his measurements...OMG...he's huge!...I haven't paid much attention to the actual size of these guys! untill now, I had to see it to believe it.
      But honestly, he is absolutely gorgeous. Why did I have to see Luo just before I go off to bed!!!.....I'll never get to sleep!......lol.....I'll look at him just one more time.......;)

      xen :)
    5. I just want his arms in WS. :P But he's definitely a serious piece of beefcake. :D
    6. Hmm...there seems to be a giant gaping hole forming in my wallet, I wonder why? :?

      Oh yeah! It's that gorgeous man! Not dissapointed in the least! The arms, the face, fantastic!:o

      I can't wait till I can buy him!

      Doesn't seem to be heavy on an outfit either...which I like!

      Damn! Even Ryan is tempting!:sweat
    7. oh i do like his face, less boyish, is he larger than the EID guys? do you think his head would work on the other bodies resin wise and size wise? i might have to get his head.

      oh, and they also have Ryan, his partner, now they're doing 2 at a time? i do think i can live without Ryan.
    8. :o How...sexy....
    9. He is just lush!
    10. I have a question since I've never bought/dealt with Iplehouse before.

      What do they mean when they say:" Concerning the make-up at no option, this will not be offered."?

      Does that mean the makeup is included, or you're forced to pay the extra $60 for make up whether you like it or not, or something else?:?
    11. i wondered about that as well, the way i interpret that? is that they will only sell Lou as a LE doll, with everything included, no options.
    12. They had that statement on the Akando-Pierrots as well and we assumed that it meant you could not order him without faceup. However, it transpired that it was possible to order both heads blank. I guess we will just have to see what the purchasing options are when he goes up for sale.

      Luo will be available as a standard release, estimated release date of April. However, he wont have those massive, veiny, delicious arms, just the Superhero body.

      ETA: Just looked. There is a no make up option so I have absolutely no idea what that statement means.
    13. He's TAN?!

      Wow he's so BIIIIIIG! :D
      His mouth reminds me of Cocori's.
    14. He's gorgeous but I can't afford another doll until the fall. But he is tops on my list.
    15. I think I might have to get a loan to buy him... seriously. Seriously. =__=;; I totally can't afford this lol
    16. OMG. Wow. Just.... Wow. I NEED HIM! I'm in total doll drool mode right now. Ah, his face is so beautiful. And the body these boys are packing is so lovely. I need him...
    17. he is beyond gorgeous!!!
    18. sigh.. he's AMAZING! But are his arms that much bigger? I guess I better compare the measurements.

      edit: the measurements are the same? I guess they show more defined veins, I'm guessing?

      Also, Luo takes 12mm eyes, so I'm out. Also has Brad Pitt's jowls, lol. The special brown skin resin is gorgeous, but what I would really want is fist hands in normal resin!

      Am I the only one that wishes Iplehouse to make optional hands for our EIDs in the future?