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Iplehouse EID Model boy clothes and shoes?

Feb 10, 2010

    1. where can I find clothes and shoes for Iplehouse EID Model? (other than from iple)
    2. oh! Thanks so much for creating this thread! I'm considering getting Tedros with the model body but the clothes issue is kinda holding me back.

      Definitely helpful if some other clothes site can be dug out. Not that iple clothes aren't awesome enough. Just kinda need variety.
    3. Just wondering but would Soom Mecha Angel Boy doll clothes fit Iple EID Model body?
    4. me too ;)

      I don't think that Mecha Angel pants will fit, because Mecha Angel is 80cm....but maybe shirts.

      I've made a small chart
    5. Does the model body have different feet than the hero body? If not, than the Akando threads have alot of information on EID man shoes.
    6. According to Iplehouse, they're the same feet.

      I'm fiddling with a sweater pattern for the model body, to keep myself occupied while I wait for Tedros . . . the one measurement I really need that Iplehouse doesn't provide, though, is the length from hip (where the hem of a sweater would fall) to about 1/4" below the armpit. If anybody wanders past this thread and has that number to offer, I would be grateful!

      Edit: Got it, thanks to a helpful EID owner! Starting with 5 1/2 inches, will experiment from there.
    7. bumping

      I'm wondering if anyone else has had more experience finding clothes that fit the Model Body on these big boys.

      I was looking at the Glamor Doll clothes on Dollmore earlier, & it looks like some of the tops will fit, though they may be a little snug.

      Has anyone tried this, or found other sources for clothes for these guys?
    8. What about Soom Idealian clothes/shoes? They look about the same size...

      Iplehouse Model Body:

      * Height : 70.5 cm
      * Weight : 2.6kg
      * Circumference of head : 23 cm (9.2 inch)
      * Circumference of neck : 13.5cm
      * Circumference of chest : 36.5cm
      * Width of shoulder : 18 cm
      * Length of arm : 25 cm
      * Circumference of wrist : 7 cm
      * Circumference of arm : 12.3cm
      * Circumference of waist : 26 cm
      * Circumference of pelvis : 28 cm
      * Circumference of thigh : 20 cm
      * From waist to tiptoe : 45 cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 11 cm
      * Length of foot : 10.2 cm

      Soom Idealian:

      Weight : 2900g
      Overall Height: 72cm
      Eye size: 14mm
      Wig size: 9~10inch
      Head Circumference: 24cm
      Neck Circumference: 13.5cm
      Chest Circumference: 37cm
      Shoulder Width: 19cm
      Arm Length: 29.5cm
      Wrist Circumference: 28cm
      Hip Length: 33cm
      Thigh Circumference: 20.5cm
      Leg Length: 41.5cm
      Ankle Circumference: 9.5cm
      Feet Length: 9.5cm
    9. Any more suggestions on this subject? Is there a list somewhere of who makes EID clothing? I've tried searching but the search engine doesn't accept just EID.
    10. bumping for the slender model body..
    11. If you like aloha type shirts for your EID boys, I have a couple for sale in my sig. :)
    12. I second this with a hopeful bump...
    13. When searching place an * behind words that are 3 letters (eid*).
    14. I'll probably start going through those Akando threads and plucking out all the Shoe information when I'm not on my netbook, because it would be nice to have it all located in one section rather than scattered 3 sheets to the wind like it has been since this line started. :O
    15. I have a EID Model body Tedros at home.
      i bought pants from iplehouse but .... he can't sit with them. I have to let it open and .... sometimes his butt is showing.
      Do you think EID superhero pants could fit better???
    16. Just seconding that Soom posts on its site that Idealian clothes will fit EIDs. The challenge is Idealian clothes are very limited and mostly sold out. :/ Marsh Pants probably make pants for EIDs, and they do one ready-to-wear basic tee. Custom shirts and tops you'd have to ask about.
    17. According to IH's measurement's it should. The EID's foot is 9.9 cm long and 4.2 cm wide. Found it under and EID boot listing on IH's site. The interior length of IH's boot is 11cm, so Im thinking the 11 cm x 4.5 cm on Dollmore's site is also the interior measurement.
    18. Yeah, that's the thing: They don't specify if they are the inner measurements or not :( The model feet are 9cm only, so it's possible that it's an exterior measurement, especially based on this listing http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=7355

      Ok I just measured the Luv sneakers I have, and based on the official measurements, I think you're right, Azha :3 Once he gets here, I'll order those boots since they're the only ones he seems to like! Thank you!