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Iplehouse EID Special Edition - Akando / Evan / Kamau / Gentle Akando

Aug 29, 2009

    1. E.I.D Special Edition / Akando / Evan / Kamau / Gentle Akando

      2009.9.2~9.22 It seems they are real skin.


    2. Oh my. How delicious Kamau looks in that skin tone. :O
    3. That Kamau kiiiiiillls me *swoons*.

      I'll still hold out hope for a basic Kamau, but this is definite proof that he looks good in other skin tones. Can't wait for them to post more pics!
    4. Kamau looks rrrrrrrr!

      And they are bringing out the Akando Gentle head too! When Akando-Pierrot was released we did ask whether the gentle head would ever be released as standard. The answer at that time was "no" and I guess they haven't, as this is a special edition. A little sneaky, but they weren't out-and-out lying.

      I do so hope that this is with the UV protected realskin as I am sorely tempted by a realskin Luo. But, I don't need another slowly greening doll in my collection.

      Now, where is that Akando sleeping head, then?
    5. Iple said in amongst the UV resin and Jessica info that realskin dolls in the future would be made using the new UV resistant resin.
    6. ARGH stop putting off soo much dolls this period :XD:
      i wanna one too.
    7. I want a gentle akando. Not sure how i feel about the face up. Its not letting me see the Kamau. >_<
    8. Oh my, Kamau does look good. I hope they put him out as a basic doll. I want an EID boy and I could go for him.
    9. Can someone post the link to the Kamau pics? I cant ge tto it. -_-
    10. Kamau T_T!
      And I love the realskin soo much!
      But I still hoped they would bring out the less buffier EID body, and they said me maybe end of September, so then it wouldnt be, coz these guys coming end of September...

      ETA: oh wait, theyre just till 22September, so maybe after that they bring out EID model body :dance
    11. I really like the Akando. T_T I dont have the money..I don't really wanna charge it to my credit card either. -_-
    12. Realskin greens up? Urgh... Must do it quickly because this type of resin hasn't been out for that long... Does their regular NS do the same?

      Does anyone perchance have any comparison pics between realskin and their regular NS?
    13. I really love Gentle Akando, I'm glad they are rerealsing, it make it somewhat easier for me to hunt one down second hand later.
    14. Oh dear. I was hoping they would release Kamau in real skin, but not this soon! Urgh. And a gentle Akando head, too! I'm going to have to resist....
    15. I did not expect Kamua to looks so good in realskin but damn. I wonder if the UV Realskin will increase cost over the last SE's? and if I should switch out my Evan's body for the new resin, but there's no telling if it would match/how effective the UV stuff's gonna be. Decisions, decisions.

      Ip posted a resin comparison of all the previously released EID skintones here. Doesn't include the new Realskin though.
    16. Even though I am very fond of "regular" Akando, I don't like his gentle face at all, it's a completely different "person". But Kamau does look very good in real skin... My oh my! I really hope it won't turn green, UV protection or not! I've had 2 normal skin IH dolls for almost 2 years btw, none of them have greened, I think that problem only occured on realskin? My tanned Soo Ri twins are a mixture that contains french resin I believe, but although they had an olive complexion when they were new, I cannot see them "green" either. Keeping fingers crossed. Oh, Akando or Kamau? I need more pictures! Can they not make a sleeping head event while they're at it? :P
    17. where is everyone seeing Kamau? all i see are Akando, evan and Lou?
    18. he's the one on the left in the picture in the first post. with long dark grey hair.
    19. 0_0..... ohhhhhhhh, very sexy, yes that works..... :)