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Iplehouse EID Special Edition - Dexter!

Aug 22, 2011

    1. I think he might be related to Arvid. >3
    2. Really wondering how he would look minus facial hair.
    3. Hm, Arvid's cousin?
    4. Would it be majorly weird if i said I'm in love with his nose. Gives his sculpt so much character. From this angle at least. Haha. Loved Arvid so this guy might just empty my wallet out..XDD darn...
    5. He definitely reminds me of Arvid. I hope he's another older looking head sculpt since there aren't enough of those around.
    6. why did he have to be called dexter ;< all i can think of is the guy from the tv show.....
      he looks pretty cool, evil arvid? xD
    7. I'm thinking it's something like Arvid is the sheriff and this guy is... like, this guy is the mad-dog who's been hijacking trains. Eventually it'll end in a shootout.
    8. Woow! What a face. I won't be able to get him limited but maybe as a basic...

      (thank God he isn't an Elemental Guardian...)
    9. Oh heck, Iplehouse does it again >< They've just had a run of wonderful men and I can't afford any of them! (waaah). But this guy is amazing - the nose, the eyebrows, even the facial hair - and that costume!

      I love the cowboy theme. To me, he looks like a menacing Wyatt Earp-type guy.

      And I want his hat. LOL
    10. Thankfully, a mature male but we'll have to see better pictures of that face to be sure.
    11. I'm sunk with this one. Just glad I didn't cave on Claude...............I do think he looks like he's related to Arvid, and I LOVE that sclupt.
    12. Definitely related to Arvid - I like the sheriff vs mad dog idea! Can't wait to see more of him. I hope he doesn't have Arvid's frowny brow bone...that was the thing that stopped me buying that guy.
    13. Now I love those frowny brows--Tedros and Arvid are my favorite male Iple sculpts.

    14. *inserts inarticulate noises here*

      Oh there's money on the hoof, so to speak. I love the coat but I'm safe from the old west theme... but the guy himself? Ack.
    15. I wish IH would stop doing this, making so many fabulous dolls, it's not fair! I've just managed to get Ashanti and now I'm skint. I'll even excuse them naming him after my favourite serial killer! I just hope they release him as a basic later.
    16. You have a favorite serial killer?!?

      Anywho, I just love hw IH combines slightly imperfect features to create very attractive faces for their guys.
    17. My goodness---! That nose---! Oh, I can't wait to see more pictures of him~. * u * <3
    18. Not really a fan of the doll... but I think I may end up needing that coat. :\ Guess depending on full pics, I might need to start looking for somebody to split with. *starts saving pennies*
    19. I was thinking Arvid's evil half brother. xD