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Iplehouse EID Tedros

Feb 4, 2010

    1. I would have fallen hard if he was actually a brooding type but he reminds me too much of Akando. What's up with all the smiley EIDs? Need moar >=[ plz!

      Breathtaking face-up right thar though - YUMMA :aheartbea
    2. what a MAN!
      and in real or tan skin.. this will surely kill my wallet T_T
      but.. that nose..it's a bit hooked?
    3. Holybatmaninabike. Asdfgsfgsf, tell me about hot gypsy *faints at work, boss wonders wtf*

      Brown skin? arrrrgh, OH MAY GAWD, I should stop posting incoherences, but he looks so amazing, so far! And look at the hint of ruffled shirt *points*
    4. Dang! He is hot, hott, hottt!!!!!! Hmmm, he may have me by the wallet and I don't even order boy dolls :lol:
    5. He does look like a cross between Akando and Chase, not that this is necessarily a bad thing. But it would have been nice to see a headsculpt with a completely different character.

      I am a little disappointed to see that he wont be wearing the traditional tail coat and top hat of a ring master, but kudos for trying something unexpected. Yes, a mysterious Romany with a mysterious background, full of intrigue and tragedy, no doubt.

      Trouble is, I can't help but think of Papa Lazarou when I look at him (sorry to all non-Brits for the obscure reference). "Is that Dave?"
    6. Nanyalin we are doomed XD you know? ;) we will talk about it soon, I am sure ahaha XD

      Well ok, I was waiting for Iple to release Akando in real skin again, if this one is in real skin (or darker) and has the model body, I know what I will do.... *___* damn sexy man, I adore his look... I just hope they will offer the facial hair as an option, cause I am sure I will be tired of them soon...

      Waiting for more pictures...
    7. lool true. but he's the circus master, usually they don't do any kind of show but they're the "head" of all.. so i like more that sort of "all the day" outfit :XD:
      and yes, he looks very much akando + chase mold, hoping his chin isn't so big and long as the chase!
      the picture is dark, but i hope the skin is the tan similar to luo strongman than realskin.
    8. Defiently unexpected, but also... kinda makes sense, doesn't he? A romi guy is the classical circus master at least in Spain XD; I happen to love the nose (may it be, it's a bit hooked? I think so), and his languid look. Not sure about the beard, but other than that, the eyes are killing me. Argh, not again -_-UU!

      Edit: Pat, we ARE. And I could not pay for Chase yet.... oh daaaamn XD
    9. That's one hot 'Circus Master'. *___*
    10. Urgh, I hope he doesn't come out on Feb 30th ... I don't wanna wait that long to see him in full :(
    11. Order period has now been changed to Feb. 9th~Mar. 7th. Released on my birthday. That is rather ominous...

      Yes, if he has a hooked nose I may well be in trouble. However, I happen to not like stubble and am finding it difficult to see past it. I will wait for the standard release and owner pictures. He might well do for a character of mine.
    12. I qam kinda a sucker for tanning skin, but the character I would like him for is pale, so I might wait for the standard version too... about the face up, it is kinda funny, but i am not friends either with the facial hair on dolls; but he looks gorgeous to me even with that >-<!
    13. urc, then let's wait 5 days.. oh well.. if they keep him up till march there's time..
    14. I actually like his faceup but then I am an extremely big iple faceup fan ... I like all their faceups - such delicate and refined strokes. :aheartbea
    15. wow, not what i was expecting, but wow...
      ...can't wait to see more pics!
    16. Random, pointless fact: The meaning of the name Tedros is Gift Of God. The origin is African, specifically Ethiopian or Eritrean.

      And I brightened him up a bit, not that it tells us much more. But we have to do something to pass the time until the next teaser pictures are up.

    17. Gosh, if that's really a ruffled shirt, it would be so perfect for my Morgan! I mean - pirate. Ruffled shirt. *sigh*

      No money or space to get another guy and honestly, at the moment I'm much more interested in the Minimee-head I got coming. But I can't wait to see the clothes!
    18. :lol::lol::lol: - I love Papa Lazarou! He is totally creepy and weird and fantastic - very much one of my favourites from The League of Gentlemen!

      I really like the look of this one - I like the realism of his face and that he doesn't look as 'beefy' as Akando.........I was setting aside money for another project, but will have to keep my eye on this one. :)
    19. [​IMG]

      Sorry, a League of Gentlemen reference that I couldn't resist.